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KUMI U5 Smartwatch 1.32'' IPS Color Screen with GPS for Outdoor Sports Heart Health SpO2 Measurement - Black.


1. Comes with GPS tracking, supporting global navigation satellite and compass.
2. Basic function modules: time and date display, multiple dials, data storage, and OTA upgrade.

3. Health function: heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, step monitoring, calorie monitoring, standing monitoring, distance monitoring, blood oxygen detection, pressure value function, and breathing training.

4. Reminder module: call reminder, schedule reminder, SMS notification, application push reminder, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, goal achievement reminder, and high heart rate reminder.

5. Other functions: remote camera, do not disturb mode, flashlight, compass, stopwatch, timer, 12/24 hour switch, brightness adjustment, factory reset, firmware information, manual date and time setting, shutdown.

KUMI U5 Smartwatch 1.32'' IPS Color Screen

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