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(above) Cecil Mallaby (president) ; (below) Sir James Chadwick. by James Chadwick and Cecil Mallaby. British Council, 1959. In the early 1960s, Chadwick was made a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and a corresponding member of the UK's Academy of Sciences. He was also elected a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences and the US National Academy of Engineering. Personal life Chadwick married Helen Margaret Chalmers, the daughter of Alexander Chalmers, in 1917. He had one daughter, Margaret. Chadwick died on 1 January 1984, aged 82. Contributions Chadwick was a pioneer in the study of neutrons and their interactions. His earlier work was in the field of diffraction, particularly on crystals. He was also interested in nuclear fission and performed the experiments to measure the neutron cross section. He became interested in what became to be known as neutron diffraction when he was part of an experiment in which the neutron diffraction cross section was studied. In 1942 Chadwick was one of a group of physicists who provided the stimulus to the development of the neutron diffractometer at the University of Birmingham. He and his colleagues also determined that the diffraction cross sections of a crystal could be fitted to a rather simple equation. This became the basis of a later model of neutron diffraction which forms the basis of all modern neutron diffraction. Chadwick's interest in neutron diffraction led to a more general interest in neutron scattering. Chadwick joined the University of Birmingham's newly formed school of nuclear physics in 1951 and became the leader of its neutron physics department. In the course of his scientific work, Chadwick performed some of the earliest applications of the neutron for experiments which required relatively low energies and was the first to use the neutron for diffraction. His pioneering work on neutron diffraction, and the development of the neutron diffractometer, led to his being recognised as a pioneer in the new field of neutron scattering, which was the birth of the neutron-scattering laboratory at the University of Birmingham. Although he contributed to the development of the diffractometer, he did not invent it. The first diffractometer had been built at the University of Birmingham in 1935, by Sir Lawrence Bragg and his colleagues. In the same year, Chadwick and his colleague, James Van Liew, showed that the signal of a neutron diffractometer could be detected at



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Objective Physics By Shobhna Sharma Pdf Free 22 aylegen

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