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Bringing together talented and experienced staff, excellent delivery, and an innovative approach, Dubai Route Group is committed to creating creative campaigns that secure an ROI and tangible business results across various sectors, including travel, entertainment, hospitality, luxury, lifestyle, health and fashion. Our PR services are tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

What Is PR, And Why Do I Need It?

PR is the art/science of creating and maintaining a professional, favourable and positive image with the public/target audience. Our clients include companies, non-profit organisations and individuals, all of whom employ Dubai Route Group for our unparallel expertise in crafting and maintaining a positive buzz, desirable media/social media exposure and mitigating reputation damage.

The Benefits Of PR Include:

  • New customers and investors

  • Increased product awareness

  • Credibility

  • Recruitment

  • Generation of new business leads

  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why Should I Use PR Instead Of Advertising?

Advertising is considered 'paid media, while public relations is 'earned media. In essence, you'll need to convince editors and reporters to write about you, your company or your brand. Instead of the paid media section, the following feature will be placed in the newspaper, magazine, website or TV station. Here are two reasons you should use PR instead of advertising:

PR Is More Credible Than Advertising:

For many people, reading or watching the news translates to being informed of what's happening around them. Ultimately, we trust that the information we're seeing is credible. While many successful advertisements, most of us know that their ultimate purpose is to sell us products, services, and ideas. People are far more likely to consider and respond to the information you share through a third-party media outlet rather than an advertisement.

You Can Reach A Wider And Longer-Lasting Audience:

Many people spend little time on adverts, while others ignore them completely. This, in turn, reduces the amount of genuine exposure you will receive from them. Even if your advert runs in a magazine or newspaper, it still won't reach its total readership, considering that only a tiny percentage of readers pay attention to adverts. With PR, on the other hand, you could send a press release to certain newspapers, TV stations, online websites and blogs. If a national outlet publishes it, local outlets are more likely to pick it up, giving you even more comprehensive coverage.

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As the Middle East’s leading PR and Communications agency, Dubai Route Group specialises in integrated campaigns designed to meet our clients’ objectives.

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