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Why Publishing Your Stories Is Considered the Best Marketing Tactic to Reach Your Target Audience?

Marketing doesn't work like a magic wand. Its main purpose is to match the value your business is creating with the right customers. There's no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that will deliver you the results you're aiming for. A proper strategy focuses on really understanding your target audience, knowing what your customers ask for and determining the best channels to deliver it on.

Like it or not, publishing your stories via a well-known website is considered one of the best practices nowadays. As we speak, it is shaping the way businesses develop and interact with their customers. 

Get your press releases published on our network of influential news sites that receive more than a million visitors every month for a massive boost in exposure and brand awareness.

Each publication of ours acts as a landing page to warm up buyers to your brand and offer before clicking through to your site. 

Generate more sales by installing the "As seen on " trust badge on your website. This badge improves conversion rates by up to 48% by building trust and legitimacy with your visitors.


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