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UAE’s Largest Organic Farm Opens Its Doors For Winterfest

Emirates Bio Farm, the largest privately owned organic farm in the UAE, has officially opened its doors for the long-awaited Winterfest, running through December until January 8, 2023.

UAE’s Largest Organic Farm Opens Its Doors For Winterfest

As temperatures cool down across the country, friends and families can immerse themselves in various fun and educational activities. Visitors can look forward to an interactive tour where they can hop on a tractor for a ride, walk around the fields and greenhouse, visit and feed their friendly little goats, and learn about organic farming.

Guests can also harvest several seasonal vegetables during the tour. They are encouraged to shop the freshest organic, local produce directly from the Emirates Bio Farm Shop.

Additionally, the Emirates Bio Farm proudly houses a farm-to-table concept at their Farmer's Table restaurant. A rustic kitchen committed to creating organic, low carbon footprint meals that offer an incredible level of freshness as the produce is grown steps away from the kitchen! Guests can enjoy a variety of organic juices, fresh salads, hot vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Emirates Bio Farm will be hosting a festive Christmas brunch on December 25, 2022, as well as a New Year's brunch on January 1, 2023, from 9 AM-2 PM.

A selection of delectable vegetarian dishes will be provided for a total cost of 84 AED per person for adults and 42 AED per person for children under 6 (free for children under 3). Kids will be able to enjoy a play area and a colouring station.

Located in Al Ain, general tickets are priced at 42 AED per person. Children under the age of 3 enter free of cost. The facility is open every weekend and public holiday (except on Monday) from 9 AM-5 PM.

For tickets and tour bookings, visit the Emirates Bio Farm website at

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