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Middle Eastern Fashion Lovers Rejoice as Fauré Le Page Brings Back the Iconic “Parade” Bag

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A year ago, French luxury brand Fauré Le Page opened its first-ever boutique in the Middle East, debuting at the Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall. Founded in 1717 during the early reign of King Louis XV, the House of Fauré Le Page began as a firearms and swords manufacturer for the French Royalty, evolving to create an iconic portfolio of luxury bags, leather accessories, and so much more.

Middle Eastern Fashion Lovers Rejoice as Fauré Le Page Brings Back the Iconic “Parade” Bag

Middle Eastern audiences have longstanding fans of Fauré Le Page, with a particular penchant for timeless classics like the stunningly structured “Parade” Bag marked by quality craftsmanship that melds leather and canvas or alligator and canvas on the exotic skin pieces.

Previously discontinued, The House has listened to the ongoing requests of its customers and is delighted to announce that it is bringing back the “Parade” Bag.

Now available exclusively at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, the “Parade” Bag will come in 2 sizes: 19 and 23, and 5 colours: Rouge Ivresss, Bleu Paris, Vert Empire, Steel Grey, and Brun. In addition, there will be a few limited pieces in exotic alligator skins.

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Augustin de Buffévent, Creative Director at Fauré Le Page, said, “Our Middle Eastern customers asked, and so we listened. Since opening our first boutique in Dubai Mall in 2022, we have been inundated with requests for this previously discontinued classic. Our affluent Middle Eastern clients are noticing a trend in pursuing timeless and elegant pieces.”

What: Fauré Le Page brings back the previously discontinued “Parade” Bag, which will come in 2 sizes: 19 and 23 and 5 colours: Rouge Ivresss, Bleu Paris, Vert Empire, Steel Grey, and Brun as well limited exotic alligator skins.

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Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique, Dubai Mall

When: Available now. We have a limited edition release with limited quantities.

Price: Starting at AED AED 8,670, the world's best & most trusted source of Arabic content

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