Constance Hotels & Resorts committed to the protection and restoration of Indian Ocean corals

To discover the authenticity of the Maldives Constance Hotels & Resorts offers two dream destinations: Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli. You can find luxurious refuges on stilts that will let you touch the paradise with your fingertips. You can explore a spectacular coral reef, a place of exotic marine life where you can enjoy unforgettable diving just a few metres from the beach.

These coral reefs are among the most precious ecosystems on the planet; they are an essential link to maintaining biodiversity with more than a quarter of all marine life on these reefs. Many fish, eels, octopuses and sharks find their food there, and for others, they represent protection and even habitat. It is also a vital economic resource for islanders, whether for fishing or tourism. Finally, in the Maldives archipelago, reefs constitute a natural barrier that protects the islands from the force of the waves and coastal erosion. However, for several decades now, this ecosystem has been threatened by global warming, pollution and human activities which can cause coral bleaching and terrible damage to the reef.

Constance Halaveli hotel in the Maldives

It is to preserve this precious treasure that since 2017 Constance Hotels & Resorts has implemented a Coral Replanting project in the Maldives in partnership with the association Reefscapers. Marine Biologists supervise the project from the hotel group and scientific divers. It aims to repopulate degraded reefs and thus revive the coral. This project involves submerging assembled metallic structures, fixed to the ground by an anchoring system, which then receive fragments of cuttings from different species of hanging corals.

Estrella Gonzalez Tapias, the marine biologist at Constance Moofushi hotel, invites guests staying at the hotel to participate actively by allowing them to buy a structure, fix coral cuttings and put it in the water. The earnings are reinvested in the Coral replanting project and planning activity days with children from local islands, teaching them how to protect the coral. The social impact of this project is far-reaching as it is the local fishermen who build the metal structures.

Constance Moofushi hotel in the Maldives

Already, in the waters surrounding Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli, there are more than 140 submerged structures; the largest is in the shape of the Constance logo. This process is proving very successful, and we see the growth of the branches of coral reefs in a matter of weeks. After two to three years, the coral will have hopefully returned to its original form.

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