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CEO Spotlight: Shojaa Taef, CEO of Alan Group

CEO Spotlight: Shojaa Taef, CEO of Alan Group

Shojaa Alan Taef is a Syrian-born Russian businessman, entrepreneur and investor. Moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he joined Johnson Controls company, in Sep 2014, as technical operation support manager. In 2018, he made up his mind to be his own boss. He started a contracting company in the Kingdom, through which he made a good fortune and reputation. Now, he’s looking to redefine how businesses can be run through passion and partnerships. His mission is aggregating leading companies to gain economies of scale, and boost profits.

Could you walk me through a brief description of Alan Group?

Alan Group is a single-office consulting firm that operates in such segments as wealth management, real estate investment, content marketing, digital marketing, publishing, PR and communications, and business consulting services. Specialising in developing the infrastructure needed for success within fledgeling companies, Alan Group operates primarily in the information technology, AI, and database technology sector, helping to shape the future of the industry. As the company’s CEO, I provide mentorship, business analytics, and business planning to effectively regain profitability for overturned ventures, generate funding for start-ups, and help prospective giants grow.

(L-R) -  Shojaa Alan Taef, Founder & CEO of Alan Group, Ahmed Abdel Qader, COO of
(L-R) - Shojaa Alan Taef, Founder & CEO of Alan Group, Ahmed Abdel Qader, COO of

To date, Alan Group comprises such leading companies as Alan and Partners, Alan Property and Alan Communications. Also, it has invested in various leading companies, including, and, recognising the potential of these communication-heavy services from early stages of development. Embracing new applications, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the uncharted territories ahead, Alan Group continues to seek involvement with innovative leaders, spearheading the industry into the future.

As a CEO and busy entrepreneur, how do you remain focused daily?

Early in my professional endeavours, I had to complete all facets of operations for my contracting company independently, often staying up the entire night to compile lists, communicate with clients, and purchase materials. As soon as I was able to delegate these tasks, however, I recognised that I was able to focus more time and energy into “bigger picture” tasks that needed to be done to remain offensive, rather than merely defensively attempting to catch up on tasks required. Soon, the breadth of my business grew, and I was no longer able to complete all operations of the company independently single-handedly.

(L-R)-  Shojaa Alan Taef, Founder & CEO of Alan Group, Ahmed Abdel Qader, COO of

Creating a masterful team of leaders, committed employees, and capable team members was integral in allowing me to remain focused on the tasks that I needed to accomplish daily, without having to always worry about other segments of operations being completed effectively. Through thorough training, concisely explained expectations, and upholding of standards, I was able to place full trust in my teams and remain focused on the tasks that were reserved for me.

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