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Dubai Safari Park re-opens its doors with an array of new experiences

Set to be one of the most significant conservation institutions across the globe, the highly anticipated Dubai Safari Park reopens its doors today, with an array of spectacular new experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Dubai Safari re-opens its doors with an array of new experiences

With a full range of interactive, educational and entertainment experiences for audiences of all ages, Dubai Municipality has adopted many changes, in addition to promoting a wide range of animal welfare and conservation strategies that underpin the park’s creation.

Exciting Experiences to Look Out for at Dubai Safari Park

The 119 hectares, new-look wildlife reserve is home to 3,000 animals and features new animals, including African elephants and giraffes, as well as several unique new experiences, such as the Safari Journey and a Behind The Scenes tour, where visitors can experience the park like a Dubai Safari Park Animal Keeper.

Dubai Safari -Dubai Route Group

  • The Safari Journey features a private guide and driver who will bring the wonders of Dubai Safari Park to life in the most vivid way. VIP interaction, special access to shows and ambassador animals in private vehicles make up the experience.

  • A simplified hop on-hop off bus service will take visitors to each area of the park, including the Asian, African, and Arabian Villages, and along the banks of the Wadi river that stretches the length of the park. The villages and experience can be visited in any order. Visitors will experience a world of adventure and discovery as they get up close to a host of animals, including some of Africa’s most stunning wildlife such as lions, rhinoceros, elephants, and giraffes.

Dubai Safari in Dubai-Dubai Route Group

In addition to the customer experience, the physiological and psychological well-being of the animals at Dubai Safari Park is of the utmost importance, and the park is committed to creating an environment where the animals in its care can thrive. Staff will also be involved in a range of welfare, behaviour, and veterinary research programmes. Through Dubai Safari Park, Dubai Municipality aims to boost conservation and breeding projects for local endangered species.

Dubai Safari Park opens its doors to the public daily from 9 am to 5om, and online reservations are required for entry. For more information about the park and its animals, please visit the website:

Dubai Safari Zoo in Dubai-Dubai Route Group

Packages and Pricing

General Admission

  • Adult ticket AED 50 and child ticket AED 20

Safari Journey

  • Adult ticket AED 85 and child ticket AED 30

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