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Eight Advantages of Ireland's Immigrant Investor Programme

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The Irish Immigrant Investor Visa is often overlooked in favour of other more affordable investment options. However, for those who have the budget, the country offers some excellent benefits over other EU countries.

Eight Advantages of Ireland's Immigrant Investor Programme

In 2020, Ireland maintained its top 10 positions as one of Europe’s most attractive locations for foreign direct investment (FDI) – attracting 165 FDI projects in 2020. The country also maintained its position in first place for the greatest number of investment projects per million population.

Ireland is quickly becoming home to many start-ups, established multinationals and exciting innovations. The country has environmental sustainability and availability of tech talent, which is central to decision making for global investors.

What Makes the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme Such an Attractive Investment

1. Residency in Six Months

Should your application be successful, you and your family will be granted residency in Ireland in six months. This will allow you to live, work, start a business or study in Ireland.

2. Rights in Both the UK and EU

The Irish passport is the only passport that lets you work, study and travel in both the EU and the UK. This is because Ireland is part of the EU, and it has a Common Travel Area agreement with the UK.

Once you obtain Irish citizenship, you will be able to access social welfare and health benefits in the UK should you wish to.

3. High Standard of Living

Ireland currently ranks second for quality of life in the UN’s annual Human Development Index(HDI). The country ranks above average in jobs and earnings, housing, personal security, health status and education and skills.