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IDEMIA Launches Two Brand New Contactless On-The-Move Biometric Devices

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

On the occasion of the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 in Amsterdam, IDEMIA, the global leader in identity technologies, announces the launch of two new cutting-edge biometric terminals aimed to speed up traveller identity verification processes.

 IDEMIA Launches Two Brand New Contactless On-The-Move Biometric Devices

Building on over 50 years of expertise in creating disruptive technologies and developing accurate and fair matching algorithms, IDEMIA is committed to continuously improving its solutions. Both OneLook Gen2 and MorphoWave TP take advantage of this know-how and are designed to provide faster, more secure, and barrier-free biometric verification.

OneLook™ is the best-in-class multi-biometric identity verification solution. It offers accurate, from-a-distance face and iris capture and biometric matching in a single device. Committed to continuous improvement, IDEMIA has developed the second generation of the OneLook device. Organisations can benefit from even faster walk-through capture with outstanding image quality, offering greater matching accuracy.

Featuring a new sleek, and integrated design, OneLook Gen2 serves a wide range of applications, such as border control and intelligent boarding, for a safer and smoother passenger experience.

The MorphoWave™ technology is a fingerprint solution for frictionless processing at land, air and sea borders. MorphoWave™ TP offers contactless, on-the-move ten-fingerprint capture, four fingers simultaneously and a thumb in any direction. Its unique touchless biometric solution, MorphoWaveTM TP, produces high-quality fingerprint images with a simple hand wave in less than one second. Compatible with existing contact databases and traditional contact scanners, it is suitable for various use cases such as border control.

These two new IDEMIA products are designed to take the contactless biometric standard a step further and to illustrate what biometric technologies can bring to our everyday lives.

Today, travellers are more willing to share their biometrics to enjoy a smoother experience. Indeed, according to the recent findings of the IATA Global passenger survey, 75% of passengers would be eager to do so.

Moreover, data privacy remains at the heart of IDEMIA's solutions. Our products and solutions are developed per the Privacy by Design and Default principles. We are firmly committed to helping protect and secure citizens' privacy with the highest possible level of data protection for identity identification and authentication technologies.

Both solutions are also field-proven: previous versions have been successfully deployed worldwide in many border control and passenger facilitation projects.

The two new products are expected to be launched in March at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 in Amsterdam and will soon be available on the market.

“These two new products offer accurate, on-the-move and contactless identity capture and verification, confirming our leadership in the market. They incorporate our most advanced biometric algorithms, illustrating our longstanding innovation and continuous improvement tradition.”
Matt Cole, CEO/Group Executive Vice President, Public Security and Identity at IDEMIA

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