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Le Wagon, the world’s leading coding school will be launching its first boot camp in the UAE

Le Wagon, the #1 coding school worldwide, is proud to announce its very first boot camp in the UAE. After proven results in 39 cities globally and more than 8,000 graduates resulting in over 100 start-ups being created, Le Wagon is now coming to Dubai.

Le Wagon, the world’s leading coding school

Nicknamed the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, Dubai is the perfect place to launch Le Wagon in the region. Over the past few years, a high percentage of government and private initiatives have boosted the tech ecosystem, resulting in a demand for highly skilled graduates to lead the way.

Digital Transformation is also at the heart of the majority of both large-scale and SME businesses, mainly due to the current COVID-19 situation, encouraging leaders to rethink their outlook on work and the office environment, revolutionizing their strategies towards a “new normal” utilizing technology to solve processes. This has driven an ever-growing need for Coding experts who can work as Software Engineers, Product Managers, Growth Hackers or UX/UI Designers in the most successful companies.

The objective of Le Wagon’s boot camps is to provide a comprehensive human experience and teach students the tech skills and entrepreneurial mindset they need to thrive, from anywhere.

Le Wagon teaches a full 360degree approach to being successful in the tech world. From how to start with a compelling set-up, design robust software architecture, model data and how to apply best practices in day-to-day work. With its short and intensive boot camp, Le Wagon offers in nine weeks what most tech universities teach in over a year, thanks to its immersive and hands-on learning methods. Le Wagon is a real human and social adventure with mutual aid between students, constant exchanges with alumni from the global community and a vast number of events organized during the boot camp with the country’s tech ecosystem. The student is never alone, with dedicated teacher support during the boot camp and individual career coaching after its end.

Charlotte Margus, Le Wagon’s Country Manager in the UAE
Charlotte Margus, Le Wagon’s Country Manager in the UAE

Charlotte Margus, Le Wagon’s Country Manager in the UAE, commented: “We’re excited to bring Le Wagon to Dubai. The UAE is famous across the globe for its forward-thinking advances and innovation within technology. We want to develop a talent pool here in the region, to ensure residents have the highest coding skills and problem-solving mindsets to achieve the very best rolls within companies here and around the world.”

The first Dubai boot camp will start on 27 September 2020. For nine weeks, students will be in a complete coding environment supported by expert teachers and alumni from all over the world. After seven weeks, participants will be skilled enough to build a clone of complex web applications such as Airbnb. The last two weeks of the boot camp will be dedicated to making group projects come to life. It is the opportunity for those who have a business idea to test it and for the others to join them, meet future entrepreneurs and work as developers.

In the end, students will have an internationally recognized certification and vast skills set to feel competent to secure roles such as a junior programmer or product manager, to build apps quickly, freelance or even start their own business.

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