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Monaco invites travelers to experience the best with the "For More” campaign

Since March, the world of tourism has been on hold. The travel, hospitality, events, and culture sectors are now facing their greatest challenge since the significant conflicts of the 20th century. Monaco is no exception, and our professionals now find themselves with no option but to re-invent themselves and their activities, in a climate that remains highly uncertain. Yet with the advantage of a world-class destination of dreams, outstanding infrastructure, recognised expertise and a long-term commitment to sustainability, Monaco is now, steadily, re-opening for business in stages.

Monaco invites travelers to experience the best with the "For More” campaign

The Government and the entire industry are taking every possible measure to guarantee the safety of visitors to Monaco, their friends and families, and of everyone living and working in the Principality. As the world's smallest country, Monaco is uniquely able to deploy and manage these measures in a supremely efficient manner, and our invaluable expertise in protecting people and property is now being channelled to the benefit of health and safety.

Monaco invites travelers to experience  For More campaign

During the lockdown, we never lost touch. We told everyone who loves Monaco just how much we missed them and looked forward to seeing them again. Today, some of them are already able to return, and gradually we hope to be able to open up to the whole world once more.

We believe that a visit to Monaco is not just a chance to experience a Mediterranean destination like nowhere else. A visit to Monaco means demanding, and receiving, the supreme quality that the world has come to expect from us. It means a little taste of legend and much fun. It means getting the best possible treatment at every single moment. It means wanting more. During the lockdown, we told you that we "MISS YOU". Today, we are inviting travellers to experience the very best, with the message "FOR MORE".

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