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Nearly Half of Parents in Middle East Admit to Breaking Road Safety Rules

Nearly Half of Parents in Middle East Admit to Breaking Road Safety Rules

Nearly half of all parents in the UAE admit to breaking road safety rules if they feel that they are not being monitored on the road, a new survey by INFINITI Middle East has revealed.

The survey is part of a major new road safety awareness campaign launched by INFINITI Middle East, promoting the safety of children in vehicles. Called ‘Eyes on You’, the campaign sheds light on parent’s on-road behaviours and the impact these have on their children.

As many as 44% of parents surveyed across the Middle East admitted to illegal on-road behaviours, with 18% saying they were most likely to break traffic rules if there were no cameras in place. 16% admitted to dangerous driving when there was no way of being monitored, and 10% when there was no police in sight.

Road Safety Rules

Nearly half of all respondents (43%) said they were most likely to break traffic rules when they are in a hurry, and 40% admitted to making phone calls or checking social media while driving with children.

“Road Safety has always been at the forefront of INFINITI engineering, with a number of world first drive assist technologies such as Backup Collision Intervention and Lane Departure Warning & Prevention designed to provide the driver with a safer experience,” said Markus Leithe, Managing Director, Middle East, INFINITI.

“The ‘Eyes on You’ road safety campaign aims for families to prioritise safe driving habits, especially with their children, as soon as they sit behind the wheel. These survey results are a reminder to parents that their bad on-road behaviour does not go unnoticed and is, in fact, being witnessed and eventually mimicked by the most important audience imaginable their children.”

Road safety awareness campaign launched by INFINITI Middle East

The ‘Eyes on You’ campaign is closely aligned with the Dubai traffic safety strategy to reduce road fatalities by 1.5 for 100,000 population by 2021. The strategy is based on four agendas; improving motorist’s driving habits; inspecting vehicles for traffic safety regulations and for criminal safety procedures; inspecting motorists’ records; and traffic awareness campaigns.  The RTA’s schools traffic awareness campaign targets educating children and adolescents as future road users and drivers.

“Over the years, RTA has created a number of projects, plans and initiatives to improve traffic safety, and raise awareness of a positive traffic safety culture in Dubai,” commented Deema Hussein, Traffic Awareness Senior Manager, Traffic Department of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

“We are very happy to endorse the Eyes on You campaign from INFINITI, which engages one of the most important groups on the road – families. We look forward to working with partners across the private sector to improve traffic safety on the roads to rank the UAE amongst the top countries in traffic safety worldwide.”

Road safety awareness campaign

The ‘Eyes on You’ survey conducted by YouGov involved 1,869 parents across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon.

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