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Nikon Middle East launches ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ initiative to celebrate the talents of the UAE

As a brand on a mission to unlock true creative potential, Nikon Middle East FZE has a proud history of empowering the region’s creative community. With the launch of the all-new ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ initiative, up-and-coming content creators will be able to discover the limitless possibilities of videography and filmmaking with the Nikon Z series of cameras.

Nikon Middle East launches ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ initiative to celebrate the talents of the UAE

In line with its commitment to support the UAE’s ever-growing creative community and celebrate the region’s up-and-coming content creators, Nikon Middle East FZE has launched the first-ever ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ initiative. ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ will serve as a platform to empower homegrown content creators and encourage them to express themselves creatively, tell their stories and showcase their unique talents, whether that be through music, fashion, or the visual arts, using Nikon’s superior-quality cameras.

Under the banner of ‘Nikon MEA Presents’, Nikon will provide all gear requirements to featured artists who are looking to articulate their vision through film, photography visually, or both. For creatives interested in becoming a Nikon MEA featured artist, get in touch with @NikonMEA on Facebook and Instagram.

Nikon Mea Presents Neha Pandey

For the first project in the ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ initiative, the Nikon team partnered with Dubai-based singer Neha Pandey to produce the music video for her song ‘Yaad Aayi’, under the direction of Shady SamyThis and provided Nikon Z cameras and additional filming support for the shoot. The music video was shot entirely on Nikon Z cameras, including the much-loved Nikon Z 6 and the NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, in beautiful locations across the UAE. Nikon proved to be the perfect creative companion for Shady, who captured stunning, cinema-grade, underwater shots thanks to the next-level capabilities of the Z6.

Commenting on the collaboration and decision to choose Neha as the first featured artist, Narendra Menon, Managing Director of Nikon Middle East FZE, said, “Neha was chosen as the first featured artist for ‘Nikon MEA Presents’ because of her unique musical talents, natural charisma, and confidence in front of the camera. She is also very passionate when it comes to her artistry – something that resonates with us strongly as a brand, as we are also very passionate about all the things we do, especially in terms of empowering the region’s creatives – a vast community that has been integral to our success through the years.”

To further amplify the initiative, Nikon MEA premiered the music video on 10th December 2020 at a morning screening at the Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall, which was attended by Neha’s fellow artists, influencers, and key members of the press.

Cinema-Grade Content on Nikon Z

To the region’s vast community of next-generation filmmakers and storytellers, Nikon offers multifunctional FX-format mirrorless cameras, such as the Nikon Z 6 and the newly launched Nikon Z 6 II, with excellent high-sensitivity performance and outstanding video features. These content creation game-changers set the bar for a new era of image quality in a streamlined system that is specifically designed for efficient workflow and superb output that is truly cinema-ready.

Another extraordinary feature of Nikon Z cameras is the 50mm lens mount diameter – the largest in the industry. Paired with a shorter, 16mm flange distance, this innovative design and feat of optical engineering makes Nikon Z cameras uniquely sensitive to light, enabling the design of faster and more compact lenses and that receive light in its purest possible form.

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