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SHAREit Tops Amongst the Fastest-Growing Media Publishers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

SHAREit, the world’s largest file-sharing, gaming and content streaming application, has been once again ranked as the No. 1 fastest-growing media publisher in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for H2,2020 in the AppsFlyer’s latest Performance Index.

SHAREit Tops Amongst the Fastest-Growing Media Publishers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

AppsFlyer also ranked SHAREit as a top media publisher not only in emerging markets like Africa (rank #2) but in developed markets like Western Europe (rank #3), Eastern Europe (rank #4) and Latin America (rank #5) in its Growth Index. The Performance Index by AppsFlyer is a tool for app marketers to see the performance ranking of mobile media sources.

The achievement follows SHAREit’s remarkable performance in Edition XI (covering H1,2020) of The AppsFlyer Performance Index. It ranked at the top in the Middle East and Southeast Asia with an impressive 160% growth rate in the app install pie in H1 2020. The rankings spotlight SHAREit's unique product offering and a wide array of features that make the application popular amongst customers and an indispensable resource for marketers.

Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice-President at SHAREit, said: “The power of the user's voice has never been as loud and clear as it is today, as they want choice, flexibility and anytime access to personalized digital content via their mobile phones. Our holistic platform offers a smart and unique blend of content discovery, consumption, gaming and sharing in line with heightened customer expectations. We strive after refining the SHAREit experience to be useful, convenient and seamless. We’re thrilled to be named the fastest-growing media publisher in the Middle East and Southeast Asia– it’s another testament to SHAREit’s commitment to providing flexibility, autonomy and utility to our users while helping advertisers grow their business leveraging the SHAREit community.”

SHAREit's primary feature is the peer to peer file transfer, allowing users to share pictures, music, and more, with other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection. Being the first app channel partner of Google Play, it also ensures secure application transfers with Peer-to-Peer Offline App Sharing – letting users share apps via SHAREit, adding them to the user's Play Library managing app updates when the device comes back online.

SHAREit has also established itself as a one-stop content platform, providing users with gaming, content discovery and consumption services. SHAREit has a dedicated gaming centre on the application, which offers HTML5 games, gaming videos, and downloading hot games. With games across all genres, it has one of the largest mobile games catalogues from developers across the globe.

With consistent advances in terms of content, SHAREit has successfully leveraged the popularity of local, regional content to establish itself as the hub for short-format videos and has hence seen its user base spike worldwide with growing engagement levels. SHAREit now boasts a highly engaged user base of over 1.8 billion users globally in about 200 countries and regions. The application currently has more than 500 million monthly active users globally.

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