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Spooky City... A New Face of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the efforts exerted by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) to develop the entertainment sector and the content provided to the community, Spooky City is designated to be a unique destination for entertainment added to the distinctive destinations of leisure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where Riyadh, the capital of KSA, witnesses the opening ceremony of “Spooky City” at Riyadh Park, in the presence of a large number of public figures, businessmen, businesswomen, and all those interested in the industry of entertainment in KSA.

Spooky City

Spooky City is the home of people who are different from us. Are you ready to meet them? Spooky City is an integrated fantasy entertainment city, designated to allow visitors to explore the most unusual, horrifying, exciting, and suspenseful world in order to live the real meaning of entrainment from a new prospective. Spooky City is a special world with special features and mood. It brings together all unique and unusual combinations of events, places, costumes, accessories, and decorations in one place.

Spooky City in KSA

Spooky City gathers major entertainment locations such as the City Theatre which offers interesting and glamorous theatrical shows reflecting the joyful atmosphere in the city. Visitors also can enjoy the latest games in the “Cinema play-role” Area, the first of its kind in KSA, which allows visitors t live an exceptional cinematic adventure where a visitors and his friends can play starring roles in their own cinematic adventure. The City also includes the “Restricted Area” where visitors will meet all villains of the City and live an exciting adventure for 45 minutes, full of horror, suspense, excitement, and fun.

Spooky City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Spooky City offers visitors a quality family time where visitors and their kids will enjoy the very innovative games and activities, which spread joy and happiness among all of them. Spooky City has so many other locations that are full of diversified and special entertainment events and activities for all family members in Saudi Arabia, such as Down Town Area, restaurants, an


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