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Step Conference Introduces New AI Track

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Dubai's premier tech festival, Step Conference, is gearing up for its 12th edition on the 21st and 22nd of February 2024 at Dubai Internet City, part of TECOM Group PJSC and the region's leading technology hub. 


Step Conference Introduces New AI Track

Over the past 12 years, Step Conference has hosted thousands of startups from 58 countries, of which 28.5% collectively achieved over $800 million in funding.

In 2024, the event will welcome 500 startups participating in over 500 curated meetings with more than 150 venture capital firms, with access to funds worth $8.2 billion.

A staggering 8,000 international attendees will convene in two days as Step Conference amplifies Dubai's global tech presence.


Organised in strategic partnership with Dubai Internet City, Step Conference 2024 is set to unveil a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) track in line with the UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, which aims to transform the country into the world leader in AI.

The AI track will feature field experts delving into the potential and challenges of the transformative technology, covering the following:


●        Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Examining the potential, ethics, safety, and societal impact of AGI in the quest to achieve human-level intelligence in machines.

●        Regulatory Frameworks for AI: Exploring how governments and international organisations are collaborating to develop policies that encourage innovation while addressing concerns related to data privacy, bias, transparency, and responsibility.

●        Large Language Models (LLMs): Investigating AI's language generation capabilities, methods for bias mitigation, and its role in shaping communication and content.

●        Co-pilot Systems: AI-driven tools that assist founders, individuals, and businesses in various tasks, from code writing to content generation, sparking debates on automation, creativity, and dependency.

●        Deep Learning: Delving into neural networks, their applications in AI, model architectures, training techniques, and their impact on various industries.


Dubai Internet City, a significant contributor to Dubai's digital transformation for over two decades, will host the 12th edition as it continues its longstanding partnership with Step Conference, which is anticipated to be the most dynamic edition yet.


"The versatile applications of AI are catalyzing talented individuals and organisations to unlock unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation," said Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President of Commercial at TECOM Group and Managing Director of Dubai Internet City.


"In line with the futuristic vision of Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33', we will continue to enable and empower Dubai Internet City's ecosystem for a more efficient, innovative, and interconnected world. Our continued partnership with Step Conference underscores our mutual dedication to fortifying the entrepreneurial landscape and driving technological evolution in Dubai and beyond."


In its pioneering agenda, Step Conference 2024 presents a stellar lineup of speakers across other tracks such as Start, Digital, Fintech, Earth, and Wellness. Esteemed industry leaders, including Amjad Masad (CEO of Replit), Mario Nawfal (CEO of IBC Group and Host of one of X's largest spaces), Zuby Udezue (Rapper and Creative Entrepreneur), and Dr Susan Graham (CEO of Dendra Systems), will share insights and lead vital conversations.


"I see Step Conference 2024 as a significant moment, serving as a testament to the UAE's steadfast commitment to advancing AI innovation responsibly. Thoughtful discussions about AI are not just steps, but crucial strides toward a groundbreaking future that benefits the world," commented Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product Management at Google DeepMind and guest speaker at Step Conference 2024.


For startups, Step Conference 2024 is the stage to shine. A noteworthy addition this year is the Founder's Circle, tailored for startup founders in pursuit of expert guidance. The dedicated startup package includes a branded booth for product showcasing, exclusive access to investor meetings, and comprehensive conference coverage, including workshops and satellite events.

The conference offers a distinctive opportunity to turn ideas into action and collaborations into success stories, solidifying its position as a catalyst for the growth of technology and entrepreneurship in the Middle East and beyond.


Ray Dargham, CEO of Step, expressed, "It's clear: The tech world is rapidly evolving into the AI world, and as a tech conference, we are adapting to become an AI conference. AI is not just a passing trend; it's a permanent fixture in our future. That's why we're introducing the AI track, positioned at the forefront of Step Conference."


Step Conference 2024 is a pivotal occasion, offering a melting pot of ideas and opportunities. Whether you're a startup founder, an industry expert, or a tech enthusiast, Step Conference 2024 is an event not to be missed.


Super Early Bird Tickets Now Available

Super Early Bird Tickets are now available, allowing you to save $150 on your ticket purchase. This limited-time offer is the perfect opportunity to secure your spot at Step Conference 2024 and experience the future of innovation firsthand.


Tickets to the event can be secured here, while startups can submit their application here.

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