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TIME Hotels raises funds for children’s cancer hospital and Emirates Nature

UAE-headquartered hospitality company, TIME Hotels, has strengthened the positive impact it is making on local and regional communities by raising funds for a hospital caring for children with cancer and a marine conservation programme, as part of its roster of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Extending its outreach programme beyond the UAE, TIME Hotels partnered with 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in Egypt as part of a year-long charity initiative, raising almost US$9,500 in funds, for the treatment of sick children, covering the cost of examinations, tests, scans and of course medicine.

Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels, said: “Over the years, TIME Hotels has been involved in a range of activities designed to give back to and support the communities we operate in. Everything we do is backed by our commitment to have a positive impact by adding value to people’s lives, through a combination of cash or in-kind donations, education and employee engagement activities.”

Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels
Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels

Closer to home, TIME Hotels’ marine conservation programme, in collaboration with the Emirates Nature - WWF - a local entity of the World Wildlife Fund (EWS-WWF) - raised more than US$4,000 in funds which has helped facilitate two key projects: The Gulf Green Turtle Project and The Marine Protected Areas.

The Gulf Green Turtle project investigates the habitat use and hotspot areas by Green Turtles to decipher their migration paths within the Gulf region and to raise awareness of the important role turtles play in the wider marine environment. While, the Marine Protected Areas project helps ensure the protection of marine ecosystems, processes, habitats and species which can contribute to the restoration and replenishment of resources for social, economic and cultural enrichment.

“Donations for both initiatives were made online, through our website, and across our portfolio of hotels. Each TIME Hotels property, as well as O’leary’s sports restaurant, had collection podiums and briefs explaining our collaboration with the children’s hospital and the marine conservation programme, as well as our various other CSR initiatives,” said Awadalla.

TIME Hotels raises funds for children’s cancer hospital

Additional highlights of the company’s multi-faceted CSR programme in 2019 have included a job swap initiative, an International Women’s Day celebration to promote women empowerment, We Walk for Autism, the distribution of Iftar meal boxes to labour camps in Muhaisnah and the annual team member party which is designed to recognise and appreciate all employees for their hard work and dedication to the continued growth of the company.

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