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Beat The CyberBully launches digital safety mobile app

Beat The CyberBully, an initiative that provides education, awareness and training on the subjects of online and mobile usage among children and young people, has now launched a mobile application, powered by a technology platform, CoBabble.

Beat The CyberBully launches digital safety mobile app

CoBabble’s unique learning and development platform allows the team at Beat The CyberBully to upload the latest online safety and digital wellbeing videos, workshops, podcasts, and other tools and resources quickly and easily and provides parents, teachers and carers with unlimited access to this library of resources, all from the convenience of their own mobile devices.

Children are overtaking their parents and teachers when it comes to the digital world, making it increasingly difficult for them to be the figure of guidance and support that they need to be. Beat The CyberBully provides all the latest information on issues, trends and new platforms in one trusted digital destination. Providing advice and recommendations around cyber safety, cyberbullying prevention, social engineering and online reputation management from the experienced team at Beat The CyberBully, as well as from therapists and healthcare professionals, the app will also alert parents and teachers when there is something new that they need to know in this ever-changing space.

Exposure and contribution to the internet are beginning at an ever-younger age, so starting the education process early is critical. This app is a strategic addition to Beat The CyberBully’s educational toolkit and builds on the success of the programme in the UAE & the UK.

The simple to use application is available to download from iTunes or Google Play.

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