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Beat the Heat This Summer With Dubai’s Tastiest Desserts

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

As Dubai continues to safely welcome UAE residents and tourists with memorable summer experiences, the city is also providing them with the opportunity to stay cool this summer through unique ice cream offerings.

Beat the Heat This Summer With Dubai’s Tastiest Desserts

To mark International Ice Cream Day falling on 18 July this year, ice cream parlours in the city are gearing up to celebrate the occasion by encouraging the visitors and residents of Dubai to indulging in a set of unique local, regional and international flavours. Although there are many exciting and home-grown ice-cream parlours to experience across the city, the following is only a highlight of the diverse and authentic ice-cream shops in Dubai:

Making a distinctive showcase in the domestic scene is Nouq’s camel milk ice cream. Nutrient-rich and low on calories, Nouq offers a vast range of ice-cream flavours, all formulated with camel milk, adding a uniquely oriental twist to your favourite dessert.

Get a taste of authentic Arabian flavours with Casa Pons’ mastic ice cream. This Arabic authentic dessert is beat to achieve a beautiful elasticity that adds a unique flavour to the texture. The ice cream is complemented by freshly chopped pistachio that adds a delicious crunch and an unmissable taste that leaves you craving more.

Feel the aroma of fresh Arabic spices and get a taste of Booza’s Cardamom ice cream. Rich and creamy, the fresh taste of cardamom hits the taste buds with a punch, in the best of ways, with every bite.

Enjoy a refreshing treat with a kick with Canvas Gelato’s hibiscus ice cream. Rich in flavour and Vitamin C, this hibiscus ice cream is proudly crafted in the UAE and is a great way to have your favourite hibiscus tea in a dairy-free sorbet.

End a hearty meal with a bang at Nusr-Et’ Steakhouse with the Baklava ice cream. Tuck into a freshly baked baklava with a layer of Turkish vanilla ice cream sandwiched inside and best enjoyed with a warm cup of Turkish coffee.

Head over to The Haus Café and enjoy a fresh scoop of ruttab ice cream. This handcrafted ice cream is the perfect summer treat, made daily using locally harvested Khulas Ruttab, celebrating the love for locally harvested ingredients and palm trees.

Feeling extra fancy? Get a taste of the most expensive ice cream in Dubai with Scoopi’s Black Diamond. This signature dessert is made with vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, black truffles from Alba Italy and 23-carat gold flakes and powder, making it a scoop to remember.

Swirl by Two is a cool dessert pop-up - inspired by summer and strawberries - and is open for the summer in Alserkal Avenue. Designed to bring you nostalgic memories of your childhood through tasty desserts, this Instagrammable hang out invites guests to relax with the tunes of a live DJ while indulging in treats such as an ice cream drizzled in espresso or an ice cream cone topped with a range of treats and biscuit-infused custard with popping candy.

Bite into an explosion of flavours with Pickl’s ice cream burger. This cheeky dessert consists of a scoop of ice cream placed between two deep-fried, cinnamon sugar-coated burger buns, giving you a charming twist to burgers that will satisfy your sweet tooth after a hearty meal.

M’oishi is sure to satisfy even the most demanding of taste buds with an assortment of mochi flavours and delectable desserts. Not only does M’oishi deliver delicious and unconventional Japanese flavours, but it also maintains a premium quality by serving up mochi ice cream made with premium raw ingredients sourced directly from Japan.

Forget traditional ice cream cones, bowls or shakes. Have you tried the ice cream burrito at iScream? This colourful dessert is a different take on ice cream sandwiches as you combine your favourite toppings and flavours all wrapped inside a cotton candy burrito, leaving you craving more with each bite.

A unique experience awaits at The Ice Cream Lab. Create a delicious guilt-free experience with fresh and exciting ice cream flavours using liquid nitrogen as a medium to freeze the ice cream base quickly. Not only is this ice cream extremely Instagrammable, but also extremely fresh and delightful.

Bite into Glow’s Keto Chocolate Mocha Brownie ice cream. This creamy low-carb and diabetic safe ice cream, loaded with chunks of chocolate brownie, is the perfect dessert to add to your diet for a guilt-free treat.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an authentic Indian Kulfi ice cream from Kulfilicious. This rich, creamy and delicious treat is not only tempting but is also available in a varied number of flavours and is savoured by people of all age groups.

Discover the ultimate hidden gem in Dubai and get a taste of Cento % Gelato’s real Italian gelato. Not only is this authentic Italian ice cream made in the UAE with the freshest of ingredients, but it is also gluten-free and vegan, making it the perfect healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

All summer attractions and activities can be enjoyed safely due to Dubai’s commitment to ensuring that the health and safety of residents and visitors remain the top priority through comprehensive precautionary measures established across various sectors.

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