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CAFU Fuels up Partnership With Ekar to Deliver Greater Convenience in Motion

With a shared business passion for customer convenience, CAFU, the Middle East’s first and only on-demand car service, reveals the ‘next gen’ of connected car technology services with the Middle East’s first and largest self-drive mobility company ekar.

CAFU Fuels up Partnership With Ekar to Deliver Greater Convenience in Motion

Aligned to CAFU’s long-term strategic plan, the partnership with ekar forms the first step towards a range of new partnerships leaping forward in their relentless ambition for delivering a new predicative era for car services, driving its momentum of innovation to be better connected to its customers, and harnessing further the power of technology to be more responsive for the world today.

Following its successful trial period, the newly formed alliance will automate the fuelling process between CAFU and ekar’s cars' fleet to ensure an outstanding customer experience.

In light of CAFU’s mission of convenience in motion, the first of its kind technology integration in the region will reap benefits for CAFU and ekar and customers. For ekar, the simpler and smarter refuelling system will allow added focus towards customers through real-time fuel level monitoring and automated refuelling timelines.

Through CAFU’s technology combined with ekar’s Mobility OS software, ekar’s entire fleet of cars will always be full or at least above 25% of fuel consumption, providing the driver with convenience sparing them the long wait in refuelling queues at petrol stations.

Convenience at a Higher Level - How it Works?

The refuelling process between ekar and CAFU will be fully automated through a shared interface. CAFU sends an automatic refuelling push via ekar’s Mobility OS during the low-usage period. Vehicles with 25% or less fuel in the tank are flagged to CAFU, leading to an automated order generation. Once refuelled and marked completed by a CAFU pilot, ekar’s Mobility OS instantly reflects the new fuel level within the App for users to see ahead of their next booking.

CAFU technology interface allows services to connect with various businesses providing the mission of convenience in motion. Those with an Application Programming Interface (API) can easily integrate with this technology and service.

A Unique and Evolving Partnership

The continued growth and deepening partnership between the two like-minded companies have helped advance the innovative system integration between the two companies, coupled with optimized staff pieces of training and connective services that place convenience at the heart of the customer experience.

“The deepening of this partnership between CAFU and ekar marks another milestone as it aligns with our mission to enable convenience in motion. This disruptive approach works towards our long-term vision of always using the collective power of intelligence – both human and machine – to create a better world through connected mobility to enable consumers to access a superior unmatched product experience. ekar is a like-minded partner placing the focus on convenience-based solutions for customers, and we will be using our technology to evolve this even further,” said Rashid Al Ghurair, CEO and Founder, CAFU.

The partnership's connecting element ensures that vehicles are fuelled during low-usage periods that work for both CAFU and ekar, ensuring optimization of time with fleet refuelling.

“ekar is proud to be the world's first Self Drive Mobility company to integrate automated mobile refuelling natively. We are constantly working to improve our customers' experience, and with our integration with CAFU, ekar carshare customers know that they will always have a fueled car ready to drive,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, Founder, ekar.

As the Region’s most disruptive brand, CAFU continues to innovate to make life easier for its consumers. CAFU has seen an increase in the number of users that have signed up for its offer of fuel anytime, anywhere. The innovative start-up surpassed two million fills in November 2020 and continues to rapidly grow due to consumers' value on convenience through the free delivery, on-demand and contactless nature of the service.

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