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Dubai Offers the World's First Virtual Universe

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The GThaler Universe, powered by Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, is working with a global team from 18 countries on creating a three-dimensional (3D) cinematic quality environment to provide organisations and individuals with the most advanced technologies and services needed to develop their metaverses within The GThaler Universe or to be part of one of its metaverses.

Dubai Offers the World's First Virtual Universe

The GThaler Universe will provide smooth and cost-effective creation of a metaverse experience. The GThaler Universe is expected to spark shockwaves across the global metaverse market.

The GThaler Universe will accommodate entertainment, socialising, games, and host virtual events and be used by a wealth of industries and sectors such as property investment, finance, medicine, education and many other forms of content.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are entering the metaverse differently, including household names like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Nike, Gap, Verizon, Hulu, PWC, Adidas, Atari and many other businesses.

The GThaler Universe's key focus is not limited to the games it will create or host. Still, it aims to assist businesses and investors to quickly enter into the metaverse and allow them to do business, have access to hire employees cost-effectively from different parts of the world and interact with their customers.

It consists of six orbits that rotate around the mother planet called "The Eye of The GThaler Universe" (GEye), which contains 1,231 virtual planets and 4,207 virtual moons with a total of 79,999 lands. The land prices are based on location, view, and traffic. The Universe will have lakes, canals, parks, and green and public areas.

GEye is the virtual Universe's capital and command centre of the Universe. It will have the main landing lobby for the whole Universe, the Marketplace that offers all the virtual assets needed to use in the Universe. It will also have the main game and the main travelling stations to all the other planets and moons.

GEye will have significant districts, including the central business district, that will allow businesses and investors on the other planets and moons to buy one of the little shops on GEye Planet to accommodate their headquarters and benefit from being in the capital of the Universe.

GEye will have many other activities, trading, investments, games, shops, concerts, and other forms of entertainment. It will have 15,000 shops, of which 4,904 shops will be exclusively for management use of The GThaler Universe.

The fortunate users from all over the world who will have the chance to buy one of the 10,096 shops on GEye Planet available for sale would benefit from having more traffic than those who own merely lands on other planets or moons.

These users will have access to the GThaler Advertising & Marketing Engine (THE GAME), allowing them to target their specific audience and reach new leads interested in their products or services from more than 4 billion worldwide internet users.

The demand for GEye Planet shops is expected to be high because its number is limited to less than 18.5% of the total land in the Universe.

The GThaler Universe has limited lands with prime, central and exclusive locations with views of parks, lakes, canals, green areas, main roads, teleport stations and particular areas. Lands surrounding these are limited and will be sold for early birds.

As described in Citi Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs reports, the global metaverse market could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with a total of around five billion users. A report by Deloitte Touche stated that business leaders consider the metaverse in 5-10 years could be the next new world for almost every business.

Users can buy, sell, and trade products and services through avatars. Creators and companies can also make an additional source of income. They can monetise their experience and own what they create, purchase, or sell using Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) ownership advantages.

Investors, businesses and individuals can buy from the limited number of NFTs, virtual lands and other virtual assets, so marketers can create and manage interactive marketing campaigns, where they can create their own NFT collections, virtual stores and other virtual spaces to promote their brands, products and services.

The GThaler Universe will also allow them to provide a forum for customers to interact and share their opinions about products and services. It will help marketers get customers' feedback and track marketing campaigns' results in real-time to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Discovering and exploring the planets and moons is a unique experience. Users can travel between them or visit a specific world or land by teleporting, and they will be able to interact with other users.

Users can own virtual land NFTs as complete or fraction stored in Ethereum or Polygon blockchain. The owners of the virtual lands will be able to control what virtual NFT assets are published on their lands which they could sell for a higher price.

The economy will be the heart of The GThaler Universe's structure and will be vital to its success. The in-universe economy functionality will use the basis of actual market stability to control demand and supply to create value for the virtual assets. It will apply four key economic concepts: scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives or rewards.

The GThaler Universe will use a decentralised circuit breaker to halt panic-selling of its digital assets if the offered sale price of an item drops under its expected valuation. Undoubtedly, buying one of the limited numbers of virtual lands or shops in The GThaler Universe could be an excellent investment.

The GThaler Universe will help create jobs for users to work and earn.

The Universe will have its crypto tokens on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains needed to purchase virtual lands, assets and services. Early token buyers could benefit from a possible huge price increase in the future.

Last week 484 lands were booked within two hours, and further land sales will be announced soon. Interested buyers can pre-register at The GThaler Universe website to secure their bookings at

The CEO of GThaler DMCC, Mr Ahmed Al Hashimi, said, “Users can have virtual twins of almost anything, including architectural visualizations, team collaboration, customer engagement, and the next generation of experiences”. Mr Al Hashimi started working in the virtual world industry in 2009.

In 2009, Dr Mohamed Haddad was the first to develop and register the copyright globally for the first virtual business city with an economy designed for companies and government bodies to serve their customers. CityHi inhabitants could do business, learn, socialise, and play 3D games through avatars.

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