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KidZania Participate in Vision2045 Documentary

KidZania recently participated in a documentary produced by Vision2045, an initiative led by Reuters that brings together 50 of the world's most innovative and ambitious businesses to join forces and leverage cutting-edge technology to create world-changing outcomes.

KidZania Participate in Vision2045 Documentary

This inspiring documentary highlights how companies from various sectors are working to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with KidZania chosen as an entertainment company with an educational focus who are fully committed to reaching Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations Assembly.

KidZania is dedicated to creating a better world by inspiring children to become the best version of themselves. Children learn best and are inspired by roleplay. At KidZania, they have the chance to put down their devices and immerse themselves in the world of career possibilities in a fun and educational way. Experiential learning is the new education standard!

This valuable insight hones their skills, knowledge, and values that they will need to grow up into exemplary citizens who will positively impact the world. The KidZania experience encourages complete immersion into societal life that will equip children with lasting knowledge, aid them in their journey into adulthood, and make informed decisions about their future in a collaborative and fun environment.

Honourable KidZania CitiZens from the PaZZport program participated in the documentary, each sharing their own experiences and testimonials of how KidZania has impacted their lives and outlooks. One participant said, "I earned a degree, completed my résumé, got my passport, went to work. I've been having much fun today, working in many roles I could have never imagined."

Watch the Documentary Below:

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