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Countries With the Most Public Holidays

Who wouldn't like to be compensated for their time off? According to new research, some nations are luckier and enjoy up to a month's annual public holidays.

Countries With the Most Public Holidays

The holiday car rental experts at have identified the best places to live worldwide for those trying to bank as many days off as possible.

The experts conducted research online and found out which countries celebrate the most national holidays in 2022, based on information provided by Office Holidays.

Employees are entitled to time off for various occasions, including holidays, memorial days, religious traditions, and historical events. The number of days off that employees receive varies greatly worldwide.

A spokesperson for said: "Some countries are very generous with how many days off they grant for their employers.

"If you're going for a holiday, then it's good to familiarise yourself with the cultural calendar of your chosen destination to plan your trip more efficiently.

"It'sit's helpful to know whether you should be expecting any public holidays abroad because it can mean that many places will be closed for days.

"If you're considering relocating, this list may help you decide which countries are best when you want to kick back and get paid for doing nothing."

Here is's list of countries with the highest number of public holidays in 2022:

1. Myanmar - 30

The first place goes to Myanmar, where you can receive an entire" month's worth of paid free days in a year to celebrate different holidays. One of the most significant occasions in Myanmar is the water festival Thingyan in the middle of April, which is also the hottest time of the year. In 2022 Thingyan was celebrated for eight consecutive days.

2. Sri Lanka - 29

Sri Lanka is not far from the first place holder and offers its workers 29 public holidays annually. Their public holiday calendar is filled with Poya holidays, which occur every full moon. Thus, they have at least one day off per month. They commemorate significant Buddhist events, and during Poya, the sale of alcohol, meat, and fish is forbidden.

3. Iran and Nepal - 27