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Merex Investment Launches Six-Month Initiative to Nurture Green Revolution Among Students

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Merex Investment has launched a six-month sustainability programme at its lifestyle destinations - City Walk and The Beach, JBR - to engage young minds and artists in envisioning a more environmentally conscious tomorrow.

Merex Investment Launches Six-Month Initiative to Nurture Green Revolution Among Students

The initiative is aligned with the UAE's efforts towards collective action for the environment as part of the Year of Sustainability. Merex Investment's destinations will offer students and artists a platform to collaborate and spread the message of a greener, brighter future on a larger scale.

Students from Dubai's educational institutions will work closely with local sustainability artists to bring their artistic visions to life using only waste and recycled materials. Their one-of-a-kind pieces will be displayed across City Walk and The Beach, JBR, providing an engaging experience for visitors to the destinations.

During the six-month program, students will receive the knowledge and resources to catalyse efforts to confront urgent global environmental issues. The institutions will join forces with renowned local eco-artists, known for using art as their voice to promote ecological awareness. Together, they will craft captivating installations using recycled materials.

A boot camp featuring workshops and interactive sessions will also be conducted to enhance students' understanding of recycling and sustainable practices. Led by experts, these sessions will cultivate an awareness and appreciation for the environment, encouraging students to embrace methods for its preservation.

The primary focus of this initiative is to tackle two significant challenges – urban waste and marine pollution. According to global data, there is a shocking annual consumption of five trillion plastic bags and 500 billion plastic cups worldwide.

A study in the UAE found that plastic and its irresponsible disposal have led to the unfortunate death of hundreds of camels over the past decade.

Moreover, residents in the UAE reportedly use an average of 450 plastic water bottles per person annually, resulting in a significant total of four billion plastic bottles being utilised within the country.

These findings reflect the global concern surrounding plastic waste, a leading cause of pollution in rivers and oceans. statistics indicate that nine out of ten deceased turtles had ingested plastic, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.

“At Merex Investment, our initiatives resonate with the United Nations' 14th Sustainable Development Goal, emphasising the crucial need to preserve oceans, seas, and marine resources sustainably. It also harmonises with the UAE leadership’s vision to establish the nation as a global pioneer in green technologies, export, and maintaining an environmentally sustainable ecosystem to foster a ‘green economy for sustainable development’. Our comprehensive strategy is centred around amplifying awareness and igniting proactive measures, nurturing a profound understanding of everyone’s pivotal role in upholding the planet’s sustainability. Collaborating with artists and educational institutions, we want to promote sustainable practices actively. We firmly believe that education and awareness are the cornerstones for building a more eco-conscious and resilient future,” said Shahram Shamsaee, CEO of Merex Investment.

Set to launch in November, the initiative will focus on collecting material for the artworks in the first two months, followed by the installation build phase with the artists and the interactive workshops in 2024.

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