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PIMS Expands Global Presence with UAE Launch

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

PIMS chain has made its UAE debut. The new branch is located in the Roxy Cinema Building at the JBR beach in Dubai.

PIMS was founded by two friends - Artur Shusteriovas (bartender) and Gleb Golubev (entrepreneur) who came up with the idea of blending tea with fruit, cream and other ingredients in Chinese street shops style and came up with PIMS. "Something fancy, something about tea.

"The core product of PIMS is tea. 90% of PIMS is made of traditional Chinese teas, carefully selected by a team of professionals. The menu is divided into four tea sections: Pure tea, Tea & Fruits, Full PIMS and Milky & Tapioca.

There are three drinks available in Dubai only, their "DUBAI SPECIALS"! WATERPASSION - based on fresh watermelon and passionfruit, ULTIMATE COCONUT - made with raw coconut jelly, coconut cream and Gaba, KARAK COFFEE - coffee brewed with cardamon, tapioca, with the addition of milk of your choice. The signature of PIMS is cream that you can add to any drink - Coconut and Salty. The first is a plant-based alternative, and the second is a creamy flavour with a slight touch of salt.

The founders of PIMS, Artur and Gleb, greeted the guests with an introductory speech: "PIMS is a brand for the young at heart and independent people. The main idea of PIMS is creating a community where each one can feel free to express themselves. We believe PIMS is a creative drink for creative people, a new approach to drink and design. Minimalist, high quality and most importantly, natural! Deeply concentrated on the balance of tastes as it has always been our priority".

Our humble yet stylish and minimalistic space is designed to inspire and bring people together, creating a sense of community and a place for inspiration. However, be aware of our humble appearance. PIMS is already a massive brand with more than 10 locations in Russia and branches opening across UAE and all over the world. "We started as a small shop in Moscow, where we worked all on our own, and through our hard work, we have grown into a big brand with an international partner programme," says Artur.

" PIMS ' mission is to inspire, with its approach to beverage design, ingredient work and interior design." the co-founders of PIMS say.

"We dedicate much attention to the taste. That's why our team of professionals invents all the recipes, and most beverages have been tested in 87,000 drinks each month. We use 3 tons of in-house prepared cream per week in our locations and 5 tons of tapioca monthly."

PIMS Tea Sections

There are three types of traditional Chinese fermented teas: Gaba, da hong pao and jasmine. All three are highly energising and refreshing. Also, there is Milky & Matcha, miniature or standard size for matcha lovers.

For guests who love to get things customised, there's an option to add a signature or coconut cream on top of their classical teas. You can even top them up with strawberries, blueberries, tapioca, lychee, mango, passion fruit or cherries!

The FULL PIMS section is based on a thick and smooth drink inspired by traditional Chinese teas with fruits and berries, made using their in-house blending method and decorated with PIMS signature cream on top. PEACHY LYCHEE, MANGOOW, STRAWGRANNY and TROPICAL VIBES will give you a whole new experience of tastes and textures due to their unique packaging and the product itself. PIMS will sink into your heart forever and won't leave you unsatisfied.

The TEA & FRUITS selection is super fruity and soft drinks that can be prepared cold, warm or at room temperature. BERRIES x BERRIES and KIWI ALOE are perfect for a hot day at the Beach. ALLIN is a drink based on refreshing Jasmine tea with a juicy mix of citrus. There are so many fruits that they give an extra bottle of Jasmine tea to refill the cup when you're almost done with your drink. You need to wait 3-5 minutes to let the fruits give their juice after refill.

Last but not least - milky drinks with tapioca. Vegan chewing bubbles made from cassava root plants with a sweet coffee flavour. These are indeed one-of-a-kind drinks like nothing you've ever tried before. COFFEE TAPIOCA - a drink based on speciality coffee and milk of your choice with tapioca, PIMS signature cream and chocolate chip cookies on the top. Most importantly, you can prepare the drinks with a tea base.

For those who want to quench not only their thirst, PIMS has collaborated with Angel Cakes Cafe, famous in Dubai Mall, for their gluten-free and low-sugar desserts—offering three types of desserts and various flavours you can choose which sugar-free snack you'll be having: shu, doughnut or giant macaron if you are not a fan of sweets you can order a tasty brioche with mozzarella and tomatoes on top.

PIMS is waiting for you at the Beach, opposite JBR, Roxy Cinema Building.

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