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Scouted at L’Officiel Arabia Magazine: The Story Behind One of Romania’s Most Successful Models

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Anna Bari is an international model and influencer with Romanian roots. She got her big break in the modelling industry when she became the first runner-up for Miss Europe 2021 and Miss Elite World- Popularity 2021.

Scouted at L’Officiel Arabia Magazine: The Story Behind One of Romania’s Most Successful Models

She has been in love with fashion since she was a little girl. She loved to play dress-up and has always been intrigued by glamorous pieces.

When she was 17, she was recruited by a modelling agency in her hometown, Romania, and a few years later, she moved to Bucharest and got signed with another agency. Her country, Romania, influenced her career in the sense that Eastern European customs have always influenced her style.

Anna Bari worked as a counsellor for European affairs in Romania and even went to Brussels.

She has a master's degree in Diplomacy and international affairs and a bachelor's degree in economics and international affairs.

With over 400k followers on Instagram, Romanian model Anna Bari recently starred on the world-renowned cover of L'Officiel Arabia magazine.

The stunning model, who stands tall at 176 cm, has had a long and successful history of partaking in beauty pageants, having contested for Miss Elite Romania 2021 and having won the title of Miss Europe 2021, said the shoot took over 10 hours. The pressure of appearing in such a high-calibre magazine didn't help the situation.

When asked about her experience in the UAE, Anna replied: "My experience as a model in UAE has been very positive, and I'm amazed to see how open-minded the modelling industry is nowadays and especially in the UAE. Models are not expected to be a size 0 anymore, and there is so much body positivity and encouragement to be yourself with your style as a model. I love working with UAE local designers and model for their collections, as I feel enriched by their culture and develop a better understanding of their uniqueness."

It's very well-known that Arab countries, including the UAE, have stricter and more modest wardrobe standards than Western countries. Due to this, the model's photos in a beautiful "nude" dress couldn't be added to the final photos to appear in the cover feature.

"The dress was so transparent and, well, it didn't leave much to the it had to be left out," explained Bari.

This year Anna has just started learning the Arabic language to focus more on her acting and appearances on television in the Middle East.

Furthermore, she plans to start doing charity work also in the UAE and has found a fantastic foundation that deals with children with disabilities that she will support.

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