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The Commonwealth of Dominica spent $12.7m to support vulnerable citizens, says PM Skerrit

During the Independence Day national address earlier this week, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit highlighted how the Commonwealth of Dominica supported its citizens since the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the PM, the government utilised around 12.7 million dollars to care for the nation's most vulnerable. PM Skerrit also noted that the island had taken stringent measures to contain the spread of the virus and that its healthcare system had not yet been overwhelmed.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Skerrit reiterated some of the programmes and schemes that are continuing to support citizens while also bolstering the nation's economy. One of which is the National Employment Programme, which helps young people find jobs and advance their professional skills. The other is the Housing Revolution, designed to build thousands of affordable and weather-resistant homes for middle-income households. Currently, 1640 homes have been constructed under the scheme—Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme funds both initiatives.

The government also continues to support the private sector: "Your Government has mobilised resources, and with the help of our partners, we have been able to offer income support to those who lost their jobs in the private sector. We have also provided loans and grants, tax rebates, a tax amnesty and duty-free concessions to assist the private sector," said Prime Minister Skerrit. 

The Commonwealth of Dominica

Established in 1993, Dominica's CBI Programme has been pivotal in strengthening national development on the island. The Programme enables wealthy investors, and their families, a route to secure second citizenship after investing in either the government fund or buying into selected real estate property. The revenue generated under the Programme is then invested in several capital projects across the island, from supporting its eco-tourism sector to funding its first international airport.

As one of the oldest CBI Programmes in the investment immigration market, Dominica is considered a top destination for second citizenship as reiterated by this year's CBI Index. The annual report highlighted the Programme's affordability, efficient processing and its commitment to conducting thorough due diligence as some of the reasons for its high ranking.

The Commonwealth of Dominica

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