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The PIF/NUFC Takeover Triggers a Surge in Business Opportunities Within the North of England

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

At the start of PIF/NUFC takeover talks, Montagu Gulf launched its luxury concierge service to provide GCC clients with business ventures, real estate interests, close protection and experience unique opportunities within the North of England.

The PIF/NUFC Takeover Triggers a Surge in Business Opportunities Within the North of England

Since then, they have been working with Saudi Arabian business clients to introduce the city and wider region to key contacts and demonstrate investment opportunities and business partnerships in the northeast.

Montagu Gulf's highly networked and locally established team draws upon more than 12 years of business experience in the GCC to provide multi-faceted services to cater to the needs of their VIP clients. They offer a seamless experience in travel requirements, business and social networks, and access to private sporting events, all tailored to meet the standards expected of its Middle Eastern clientele.

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With a recent shift of investments from the South of England and London, Montagu Gulf is the only dedicated North of England service provider for clients in the Middle East looking to expand their interests in the region. With a long-standing connection between the North of England and GCC, interest has been consistent in what can be done in Newcastle.

Russell Howes, Founding Partner, said the North of England had seen a notable surge in GCC interest, partially due to the acquisition of premiership football clubs in the region. Montagu Gulf currently offers Gulf Nationals a fully comprehensive concierge service dedicated to lifestyle and investment opportunities.

“Since 2008 with the purchase of Manchester City by H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the current takeover of Newcastle United Football Club by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), we have nurtured a growing interest to invest in Northern England. The opportunities and experiences the North has to offer have developed Middle Eastern interest outside of London. With this, we at Montagu Gulf have launched a concierge service to bridge the connection between the GCC with the North of England to deliver outstanding solutions for individual needs. Having worked in the GCC region since 2008 with a well-established UK team, Montagu Gulf understands both territories and is the official gateway to the North of England for the Middle East.”

“For us, the North of England is very personal. We want our