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Vanuatu Launches CBI Real Estate Option

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The Pacific nation of Vanuatu has launched the real estate option for its citizenship by investment program. The new option offers high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) the chance to obtain robust second citizenship by investing in the country's real estate sector with no prior residence required.

Vanuatu Launches CBI Real Estate Option

The Pacific nation of Vanuatu has one of the world's most popular citizenship by investment programs. Demand for the program skyrocketed during the pandemic and is continuing to grow.

Historically, the Vanuatuan program only had one option. Applicants from all around the globe could choose from donating a sum of 130,000 USD for a single applicant, or 180,000 USD for a family of four, to the Vanuatu Government.

Recently, however, the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Commission announced that it would start accepting investments in approved real estate projects as a pathway to citizenship.

The minimum real estate investment threshold that applicants must meet to qualify for citizenship is 200,000 USD for a complete unit or 100,000 USD for half ownership. The property can be resold after a seven-year holding period.

However, unlike many options in Vanuatu's citizenship by investment counterparts in the Caribbean, Vanuatu's real estate option offers investors a full title instead of just a timeshare.

The real estate option in Vanuatu is officially the most affordable one of its kind throughout all citizenship by investment programs worldwide. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the quick processing time of two months, makes the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program the most economical, fastest, and most straightforward program of this nature.

Investors can now obtain property, second citizenship, and endless benefits for themselves and their families within the range of 100,000 USD. A Vanuatu passport costs about as much as a luxury car to put that in perspective.

The Vanuatuan passport itself comes with a wide array of advantages, such as: Enhanced global mobility- holders of a Vanuatu passport can travel visa-free to 135 destinations worldwide, including highly desirable tourist hotspots such as the entirety of the EU, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many others.

Tax benefits - Vanuatu is one of the most tax-friendly nations globally. Considered by many as one of the world's most sought-out tax havens, Vanuatu does not impose taxes on personal or corporate income. Furthermore, the Pacific nation does not set capital gains, withholding, wealth, or inheritance tax, making it one of the best places for HNWIs globally in tax burden alleviation.