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Alaa Khayat: The Story of a Great Artist

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A Syrian architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 2012. Alaa Khayat studied art since she was 15 in the Atelier of the famous artist Waddah Al Sayed. She mixed between innovative architecture and creative fine art through her life journey as she considered them an uncompleted painting without the harmony between their entities.

Alaa Khayat: The Story of a Great Artist

In 2005, she participated in an international competition arranged by the Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar Foundation. The competition was to express life from the artist perspective. She sees life journey as a wide and colourful sea with a human standing in sight struggling with its challenges. She was honoured in Damascus, Syria, under the supervision of the Qatar Consulate, as she ranked first prize in the competition.

Alaa moved to Erbil, Iraq, in 2015 to work and moved her acrylic paintings to make the exhibition she was aiming for one day. In July 2017, her solo exhibition ‘’HOPE’’ was held for three days. ‘’Hope is the mental and physical cure to recover the sight of beauty all over the world’’, this quotation was the meaning of the paintings she exhibited. Alaa did not expect such success for an artist in a foreign community without wide social relations. The attendance was over the expectations with great feedbacks and valuable opinions. ‘’HOPE’’ was an icon of optimism in Alaa’s paintings as she painted lights, fade from the dark moments every human is living with.

In 2018, Alaa was invited to a joint exhibition on ‘’International Woman Day’’ arranged by the University of Kurdistan in Erbil. Alaa prepared paintings for this day to support women around the world with the beauty, power, courage and love they provide the communities with. The paintings she prepared for this exhibition were all sold on that day because they presented a beautiful and valuable meaning to the existence of women.

Alaa Khayat - Jasmine Painting

The human being, who has lived on this land ever since and formulated the first form of beauty on the sands and stones of this geographical region, has extended today to give us a glimpse of the beauty back to our memory through Alaa’s works. These days, human bad practices on our planet are turning the beauty of colours and nature into greys and demolishing the beauty form that ancestors created.

Alaa provides a visual formula implemented to the spirit of expressive art to embody the tenderness of natural beauty with all the sweetness of the flow of its lines, which form artistic works with the ultimate expression of the feminine spirit beauty and art embodied in the soul of nature. Alaa believes that women have the elements of an ideal life to reach what they aim for, so she symbolized strength, power, beauty and love by combining women with part of nature to keep this integral relation.

Now, Alaa is preparing for a solo exhibition with a new set of paintings, encouraging communities to change the usual principles and judgments applied to women through a creative and different concept. She always says, ‘’We are strong enough to reach what we aim for’’.

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