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Hintsa Performance opens an office in Dubai

Hintsa Performance announced today that it would expand to the Middle East, opening an office in Dubai. The move comes after successfully serving Middle Eastern clients, such as Kuwait Finance House, for several years. By opening its office and hiring local Performance Coaches, Hintsa aims to become a strategic partner for Middle Eastern companies. Hintsa applies the proven methods from Formula 1 to coaching executives and business professionals in high-pressure environments to achieve sustainable performance.

Hintsa Performance opens an office in Dubai

COVID-19 challenges employers in multiple ways, putting their top talent at risk and testing their leadership resilience. 1 in 5 employees is both highly engaged and at high risk of burnout1. 46% of working parents are highly stressed due to COVID-19. 80% of CEOs are concerned about skills shortage3. Meanwhile, 60% of employees expect flexibility with regards to where and when they work in the future4, making top talent more fluid and globally competed for.

Companies are searching for solutions on how to reduce the risk of burnout, ensure performance, and improve retention. Hintsa has for years applied its methods proven in Formula 1 to coaching executives and business professionals in high-pressure corporate environments. The goal is to help individuals and organizations achieve sustainable high performance. During COVID-19, Hintsa has witnessed an increasing interest in its services and continues its global expansion. By opening an office in Dubai and hiring local Performance Coaches, Hintsa aims to become a strategic partner for businesses operating in the Middle East.

Hintsa Better Life Mobile  Application
Hintsa Better Life Mobile Application

Hintsa has appointed Mikael Vainio as the Head of Middle East. Mikael has over 20 years of working experience in the Middle East, and he is responsible for the business in the region. Mikael is also a member of Hintsa’s Leadership Team. Before moving to Hintsa Performance, Mikael has been holding various senior management roles in corporations like Nokia and Ericsson. He has a proven track record of successfully operating at the most senior levels in both the private and government sectors.

“In the past years, I have witnessed a growing awareness in the Middle East of how mental and physical wellbeing are strongly connected not only to personal happiness but also to succeed in professional life. Having been a mentor for executives and promoting a balanced lifestyle in organizations throughout my career, I’m excited to join Hintsa in building a local organization to offer Hintsa’s unique and proven methodology to the Middle Eastern corporations and authorities”, Mikael Vainio, Head of Middle East, states.

Hintsa Workshop for Kuwait Finance House
Hintsa Workshop for Kuwait Finance House

Before opening its office in Dubai, Hintsa Performance has successfully served several individuals and corporate clients in the Middle East. Hintsa has also translated its entire Better Life mobile application into the Arabic language to provide a better coaching experience for its Middle Eastern clients. One of Hintsa’s long-standing clients in the region is Kuwait Finance House (KFH), a financial services company with more than 3,000 employees in Kuwait. KFH rolled out a company-wide wellbeing program with Hintsa Performance to improve overall health, reduce sick leaves and improve performance. The program provided an 88% Return on Investment in its first year alone. The most significant improvement was in improved working capacity: the staff were working less after-hours, and maximizing effort during working time. This improvement represented a 41% uptake in productivity and a decrease in overtime costs.

“Our vision is a world where wellbeing is a priority. We are thrilled to continue our global expansion. Having Mikael and our new Performance Coaches on board, we have all the capabilities to help clients in the Middle East reach sustainable high performance – now and after the pandemic”, Annastiina Hintsa, CEO of Hintsa Performance, concludes.

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