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How Can Practical Security Lab Help Safeguard Your Business in the UAE?

Practical Security Lab, a cybersecurity firm specializing in independent security audit services, announces the commencement of its operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and is now open for partnership and contracts with companies or organisations seeking unparalleled business information security solutions.


How Can Practical Security Lab Help Safeguard Your Business in the UAE

With a portfolio of successful projects worldwide, ranging from Kazakhstan, France, Angola, Indonesia, Japan, and the USA, Practical Security Lab is a proven expert in a very niche field—penetration testing services. The company has also scored victories in the Bug Bounty programs of AT&T, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, and more, underscoring its strong reputation and extensive experience.


Practical Security Lab offers a wide range of services including cybersecurity, reverse engineering and security development. The team’s experience works around penetration testing, web security, mobile and banking security, anti-phishing, protection technologies and more.


At the heart of Practical Security Lab's mission is its commitment to protecting its clients' business interests in cyberspace by solving complex problems, confronting professional intruders, and preventing commercial espionage.


“We wanted to constantly solve complex tasks, show an unconventional approach, surprise the customer, and do the impossible,” starts Evgeny Sobolev, Founder and CEO, who brings more than fifteen years of experience to the role along with trusted colleagues who are also passionate about penetration testing.


“Expanding our operations in Dubai is not just a strategic move but a testament to the city's unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. Dubai's vibrant business ecosystem makes it the perfect hub to showcase our expertise in cybersecurity. We invite companies and organizations across the UAE to experience the difference our services can make in safeguarding their digital assets and ensuring a secure business landscape for all. We can also offer companies the opportunity to provide our services of high quality on their behalf by subcontracting us,” adds Sobolev.


As part of its expansion into the UAE market, Practical Security Lab is introducing new products and applications tailored to the region, including external and internal network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and mobile penetration testing.


By offering innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise, Practical Security Lab aims to empower businesses in the UAE to protect their digital assets and maintain a competitive edge in today's digital landscape. For more information visit

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