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Inspired by the Energy of California Summer, Jacquie Aiche Launches Jacquie Aiche X Josephine

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

August 18th, 2021, sees Jacquie Aiche, the renowned designer of the luxurious namesake brand, launch Jacquie Aiche x, Josephine. Inspired by the energy of a California summer, barefoot by the sea, the pieces embody the feelings of freedom, love, happiness, and empowerment and have been created so that the JA Tribe can shine like the sun - and the golden glow of the season can last forever.

Inspired by the Energy of a California Summer,  Jacquie Aiche Launches Jacquie Aiche X Josephine

Synonymous with Jacquie’s creative expression, each piece within the collection is handmade in turquoise, opal, diamond, lapis, chrysoprase, amethyst, and emerald, to name but a few.

When discussing some of her favorite pieces and their meaning to her and the JA Tribe, Jacquie explained, “I personally love the gemstone beaded necklaces. Each is one of a kind and carries such bright and happy energy. And our new belly chains, body chains, and bras are instant summer essentials - they are captivating, sensual layers that the JA Tribe has been gravitating towards for the hot summer days and wild summer nights. Furthermore, our Thunderbird pieces are created with the intention to empower and inspire strength - they are incredible amulets of personal power.”

Staying true to her philosophy of living free and true to yourself, there are no rules or limits when it comes to styling Jacquie Aiche x Josephine. “This collection is all about taking in the natural beauty that surrounds you and that lives within you. When playing with vibrant, colorful gemstones and symbols of divine healing I really felt that I wanted to imbue my tribe with positivity. It’s so essential to remember that life is beautiful and something to be cherished and celebrated,” says Jacquie.

Jacquie launched the brand over a decade ago after a lifelong fascination with the healing power of stones, fueled by personal frustrations toward the limited styles of fine jewellery available on the market at that time. Through the Jacquie Aiche x Josephine collection, Jacquie continues to translate creative expression through her designs and cement her reputation as an internationally acclaimed fine jewellery label adorned by celebrities and VIPs alike.

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