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PayBy launches QR Code-based smart payment systems for small and medium businesses

Abu Dhabi-based innovative fintech enterprise PayBy has launched a suite of smart payment solutions. These will help small and medium businesses easily collect payments, overcome digital barriers and grow their business.

PayBy launches QR Code-based smart payment systems for small and medium businesses

PayBy’s solutions are based on low cost, readily adopted QR Code technology. The answer can be deployed through mobile apps, websites or brick-and-mortar stores. For merchants, it translates to improved, efficient and speedy revenue collection, with no monthly recurring fees or set up costs.

Smart Code, a payment solution from PayBy, has been mostly welcomed by the UAE retail sector recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses bear no capital expenditure or recurring cost. It is as simple as printing out the Smart Code from PayBy’s system. Companies can then run promotional campaigns, build customer loyalty programs, and run sales offer to improve customer retention. Jumbo, as one of the first testers, has firstly introduced it in its 15 Electronics stores in UAE.

Smart Box from PayBy is affordable to install and simple to integrate with existing POS terminals while allowing consumers to use QR Code-based payments. It functions just like a card scanner. Users place their phone over the box so it can be scanned.

Smart POS from PayBy is an all-in-one, state-of-the-art POS device that enables seamless transactions for merchants and consumers. Both Smart POS and Smart Box are low-cost solutions, with no recurring monthly fee and no signup fees.

Smart Retail is a PayBy solution embraced by the UAE’s corner stores, colloquially known as baqala. A holistic solution for small merchants, Smart Retail, includes an inventory management system, revenue visualization, Wi-Fi, community ATM, cloud storage and infrastructure to support SME loans in the future.

The UAE’s small and medium business (SMB) sector plays a vital role in the economy, comprising 95% of all businesses and employing 42% of the nation’s workforce. As a sector, SMBs contribute 40% to the value of Dubai’s economy, and 60% to the UAE’s economy.

Put, the economy grows when SMBs grow.

However, SMBs face significant barriers to digitalization, namely, cost and ease of implementation. Buying and deploying traditional POS machines or NFC technology is an expensive proposition that deters smaller merchants and SMBs from adopting digital payments. Traditional POS machines also have a monthly recurring cost.

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly altered the payment landscape in the Middle East. Cash payments and plastic card payments have migrated to contactless digital payments. To survive in the new normal, businesses have had to digitalize swiftly. PayPal facilitates SMBs on their digitalization journey, helping faster financial recovery from setbacks such as the pandemic. Companies of all scales can better manage inventories, get customer insights, simplify the shopping experience and streamline their operations.

QR Code technology used by PayBy is a cost-effective, lightweight acceptance infrastructure for digital payments, which has been successfully market-tested across India and China. QR Codes can be easily printed and displayed, while merchants do not have to bear the cost of a device or pay a signup fee. Businesses of any size can adopt QR Codes, even those with existing POS machines, to grow customers and revenue.

Ancillary solutions offered by PayBy include auto-billing, to help online merchants collect revenue easily and improve cash flow. PayBy also provides Invoice Pay, to streamline invoicing through a single dashboard.

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