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Careem takes precautionary measures through tech-enabled solutions

In light of the Corona pandemic and the new lifestyle habits it imposed, Careem quickly took many precautionary measures through tech-enabled solutions and on-ground efforts, ensuring the highest levels of safety in its rides. These measures included all the 13 countries in which Careem operates, and varied between the necessity of wearing masks, using hand sanitiser and disinfecting cars daily.

Careem takes precautionary measures through tech-enabled solutions

At Careem, it is essential to create safe and reliable rides that are as easy and seamless as possible for all Careem customers. Here, Gheed El Makkoui, General Manager of Careem UAE, shares the current safety measurements found with Careem:

Masks and Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure the safety of everyone around us, Captains are following personal safety protocols, including wearing a mask at all times. We have equipped them with high standard hygiene kits in partnership with Lifebuoy; including hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes.

Captain self-certification and cleanliness

Our Captains are trained to follow high standards of safety. Before going online, they confirm that they are wearing a mask, are in good health, have disinfected their car/delivery vehicles before starting work and have cleaning supplies. We’ve instructed our Captains to keep the car ventilated before the trip start. This will help circulate fresh, clean air into the vehicle.

Automated Quality Monitoring

In line with our commitment to a safety-first approach, we created an automated algorithm that evaluates captain performance and behaviour, processing more than a million data points daily, including customer feedback, and other trip-level data. Data-driven, automated actions are taken on a daily level, allowing us to offer better quality service through constant Captains education and strict measures against serious or repeat offenders.

Introducing Intercity Rides between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Travelling to the capital hasn’t been as easy as before the outbreak due to the recent safety measures put in place. To help simplify the lives to our customers, Careem has launched a new “City to City” service flow in UAE that allows customers to request a Careem ride to pick them up from their doorstep to any location in Abu Dhabi, all they need to do is obtain a negative COVID-19 test, not exceeding 48 hours, and we will take care of their travel and in-ride safety needs.

Careem Kids and Max Car Types

Captains are thoroughly cleaning Careem Kids Cybex car seats with disinfectant wipes before each ride. All seats are professionally deep cleaned regularly by our partners - Champion Cleaners.

Careem also offers rides that fit up to four passengers at a time while adhering to the distancing guidelines. Max cars are thoroughly sanitised daily and allow two passengers to sit at the middle row while the additional two passengers sit at the back row, ensuring contactless rides between customers and Captains.

Flexible Cancellations

We are allowing our customers to cancel a ride if the Captain is not wearing a mask, without any cancellation penalties.

Cashless and Contact-free Payments

We are encouraging customers to add credit/debit cards so that they can enjoy a cashless experience. Additionally, we are also encouraging customers and Captains to avoid all physical contact during the ride. Alternatively, customers can benefit from Careem’s pay service, allowing them to top up their wallets and use the available amounts towards their rides.

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