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Contrast, the Pioneers of Wellbeing Launched in Dubai

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Introducing Contrast, the new wellness destination ideally located on Golden Mile 6, Palm Jumeirah. The space is visually stunning, with a Mediterranean aesthetic of curved architecture and marble features. It creates a holiday state of mind, empowering members to gain clarity and escape, for a moment, from their everyday stresses.

Contrast, the Pioneers of Wellbeing Launched in Dubai

The studio has five large private sauna rooms. It is home to Dubai’s first contrast therapy room with a traditional sauna complete with salt walls and immersive ice baths designed to aid muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and improve general well-being, each equipped with a shower for rinsing off pre- and post-sweat. With society’s growing, health-conscious shift, these sauna sessions are set to become a pivotal part of the wellness agenda.

The full spectrum infrared sauna suites are state-of-the-art, equipped with 32-inch Smart TVs so you can watch Netflix or opt for an audio experience and connect to Spotify during your 45-minute session while using chromotherapy (coloured light therapy) to restore balance and harmony. Each sauna is 2mx2m in size, making it your personal hot yoga room, so feel free to BYO yoga mats.

Contrast also offers immersive ice baths, proven to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, aid muscle recovery, and strengthen mental resilience, making them the perfect

modality to complement the sauna experience. Legends like Wim Hof have championed the benefits of this cold-water therapy, with a thriving Dubai-based community deeply invested in honing this practice.

Taking time to look after yourself from the inside out is an essential part of a modern lifestyle, and Contrast aims to build a community that understands that. Contrast provides a sanctuary for recovery, where their community can soothe, switch off, rest and recharge during a 45-minute session integral to their mental and physical healing journey.

Contrast prides itself in bringing ancient healing practices to the modern world, utilizing hot and cold therapy to promote relaxation and detoxification. Saunas are reported to promote clearer, tighter skin but also benefit heart health, circulation, relaxation, better sleep, and detoxification – all elements that help us stay younger and healthier for longer. It is essential in the new well-being toolkit guaranteeing healing and next-level rejuvenation.

“We are thrilled to bring Contrast to the Palm Jumeirah,” said Hamdan Al Khafaji, the Co-founder of Contrast. “Our focus is on providing a unique, accessible, and luxurious experience that promotes wellness from within, vitality, and mental resilience. In my personal life, I have greatly benefitted from the modalities of both saunas and ice baths. I have experienced their healing powers on every level, they will always be tools in my well-being toolkit, and I’m looking forward to creating a welcoming haven of restoration in Dubai.”

Members can choose one treatment or combine their sauna and ice bath experience. Additionally, they can boost their body with an IV drip. Packages are available for those seeking a one-time recharge or a long-term wellness journey. Make sure to sign up in advance to avail the limited intro offer.

Contrast offers a salve to this incredibly fast-paced and often stressful world, providing an accessible, convenient, beautiful, and relaxing reset. It is a stunning space to sweat with intention and benefit from the extremes of hot and cold, with the goal of healing from within.

Launch of Contrast

Where: Golden Mile 6, Palm Jumeirah

When: 17 April 2023

Opening times: Daily | 07:30 AM - 09:30 PM


· Call 055 449 7229or email

· Walk-ins are welcome, but best to call.


· Infrared sauna 155 AED per 45 min session.

· Contrast therapy 185 AED per 45 min session.

· Ice Bath 95 AED per 30 min session


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