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Dubai’s Ishraq Communications Receives Best Arabic Content Award from

Updated: Aug 19, 2023, the prominent website and comprehensive source of Arabic news headquartered in the UAE recognised Dubai-based Ishraq Communications as the winner of the Arabic Content Award. The award is a token of appreciation for the agency's remarkable dedication to providing the platform with the most prominent news in Arabic, employing a professional linguistic approach while adhering to the principles of the language's structure.

Dubai’s Ishraq Communications Receives Best Arabic Content Award from

In a statement released earlier, unveiled the inauguration of its annual award, recognising exceptional Arabic content produced by public relations firms operating within the United Arab Emirates. Spearheaded by an esteemed committee comprising top-tier experts in the field, the assessment process considers several critical factors. Among these, a paramount emphasis is placed on the meticulously observance of composition, grammar, and morphology rules.

Equally important is the seamless integration of narrative techniques tailored to each subject's essence, avoiding mundane literal translations. Additionally, a keen focus is maintained on upholding the historical chronology of events while ensuring the text remains devoid of colloquialisms or non-conforming expressions, thereby keeping the highest linguistic standards.

Hassan Soukar, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of commented, "At, we emphasise the quality of Arabic content, leaving no stone unturned in elevating the applicable benchmarks. This commitment has led us to establish a range of awards centred around this pivotal facet to recognise the tireless dedication invested within this sphere. Today, we proudly recognise Dubai-based Ishraq Communications, led by its Founder and General Manager Osama Tinbakji, as the Best Arabic Content Award winner. Their relentless and unwavering pursuit of refining Arabic content, making it impeccable while following the correct guidelines, is the basis for this recognition. We are honoured to present this award as a tribute to their exceptional and unrivalled contributions in this domain. Furthermore, this acknowledgement underscores our unwavering support for all endeavours to salvage Arabic content from past setbacks and restore its esteemed standing."

Expressing his gratitude, Osama Tinbakji, General Manager and Founder of Ishraq Communications, remarked, "I extend my heartfelt appreciation to and their accomplished team for honouring us with the prestigious Best Arabic Content Award for the year 2023. As a platform renowned for its comprehensive coverage of crucial news across diverse sectors, is committed to working with organisations that maintain the highest standards of Arabic language content. At Ishraq Communications, we take immense pride in presenting our clients' news and sharing it through the media in meticulously crafted language with precision and strict adherence to the rules and style of the Arabic language. Our team, composed of seasoned experts with extensive backgrounds in editing, translation, and content creation, is devoted to delivering these values."

Mr Tinbakji added, "With over 15 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region, our agency is dedicated to providing comprehensive public relations and media services and adept management of social media platforms in Dubai. Our approach involves crafting strategic and tailored media plans catering to short- and long-term objectives. Due to our extensive insight into the media landscape, we take immense pride in our well-established affiliations with sector-focused media entities encompassing trade, business, lifestyle, tourism, hospitality, arts, culture, and consumer products across the GCC region." - The World's Most Trusted Automotive News Source

The founder of Ishraq Communications concluded: "Our accomplished team proficiently oversees all facets of a media campaign journey, from conceptualising and orchestrating public relations strategies to executing campaigns and diligently tracking their outcomes. This award truly underscores their prowess in curating premium content in Arabic and English. Through this journey, we have garnered the trust of the media as a dependable source of paramount news spanning diverse sectors. Our unwavering awareness of each client's unique needs and aspirations has enabled us to forge partnerships, crafting bespoke public relations strategies that deliver impactful results within the GCC region and the broader Middle East."

Notably, and are integral components of the Dubai Route Group, an esteemed news source within the Gulf region known for its unparalleled reliability and trustworthiness.

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