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Emirates Flight Training Academy Invites Applicants to Pursue Unique Opportunities in Aviation

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The Emirates Flight Training Academy invites aspiring UAE nationals, residents, and international candidates seeking a career in aviation to join its cadet training programme.

Emirates Flight Training Academy Invites Applicants to Pursue Unique Opportunities in Aviation
The Emirates Flight Training Academy is inviting aspiring UAE Nationals and residents as well as international candidates seeking a career in aviation to join its cadet training programme.

Admissions are now open at the world's most advanced flight training academy, and interested international candidates are encouraged to apply online:

Ambitious UAE Nationals interested in the National Cadet Pilot Programme can apply here:

As an exclusive initiative by Emirates for the Emirates Flight Training Academy, graduates will now have the opportunity to apply for a flying career at Emirates. Interested candidates will be required to pass the selection process put in place by the airline.


Watch the Emirates Flight Training Academy video about the new initiative.

Interested international applicants and UAE nationals and residents can take advantage of competitive tuition fees for the two-year training period, which also cover training materials, accommodation, dining, and uniforms, amongst other expenses. UAE Nationals seeking careers as pilots may have the opportunity to be selected for a fully sponsored pilot training programme.


The Emirates Flight Training Academy reviews applications continuously, and new students are taken in every other month.

Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates Airline, said: "At Emirates, we continuously explore opportunities to support and initiate programmes within the aviation industry. We are pleased to offer Emirates Flight Training Academy graduates this unique opportunity to pursue their flying careers at Emirates. This is an exclusive initiative launched by the airline to provide opportunities for UAE nationals, residents and international students wanting to build their careers as pilots."


Captain Abdulla Al Hammadi, Vice President of the Emirates Flight Training Academy, said: "The demand for pilots will continue to grow globally and within the region, despite the recent pause that we have seen as a result of the pandemic. At EFTA, we are committed to providing state of the art training programmes using some of the latest aircraft and technologies as well as training methods."

Located in Dubai South, the state-of-the-art Emirates Flight Training Academy is spread over 164,000 square metres (the area of 200 football fields). It includes 36 modern classrooms, next-generation simulators, and a fleet of 27 Cirrus SR22 G6 single-engine piston and Embraer Phenom 100EV very light jet aircraft. The Academy also boasts a 1,800-metre dedicated runway with navigation aids and lighting, an independent air traffic control tower, rescue and firefighting service, and a maintenance centre.

The Academy uses a four-pronged approach to train its cadets: highly interactive theoretical learning in classrooms using advanced digital content and immersive VR technology, experiential learning through hands-on instruction of modern training aircraft, use of advanced flight simulators, and airline-focused line-oriented flight training.


The Academy has also established an innovative approach to training cadets, from learning to fly the single-engine piston Cirrus SR22 G6 aircraft to directly progressing to the Phenom 100EV very light jet (VLJ) aircraft providing cadets with more experience on jet aircraft. The last batch of cadets that graduated in December last year clocked in over 6,000 flying hours during their training at the Academy. Cadets at EFTA graduate with a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) on a multi-engine aircraft with Instrument Rating. The total training duration for cadets ranges between 21 months and 24 months.

All enrolled cadets stay in modern accommodation and have access to a range of comprehensive sports and leisure facilities. The EFTA facilities are designed to accommodate over 600 cadets at a time.



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