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Travel off the Beaten Track - 7 Hidden Wonders of the World Revealed

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The seven wonders of the world have been explored by many, which is why travellers seeking different adventures to remote locations are being offered seven new hidden wonders of the world to explore.

Travel off the Beaten Track - 7 Hidden Wonders of the World Revealed

Luxury cruise experts at Panache Cruises have redefined the world's seven wonders and named the High Canadianworld's secluded yet majestic locations for those wanting to make once-in-a-lifetime memories without being surrounded by tourists.

The expedition travel experts have revealed the seven locations for budding adventurists to see the natural world in "its glory.

From the enchanted islands of the Galapagos to the high Canadian Arctic, the newly proposed seven wonders have been chosen to attract anyone looking for an adventure away from the well-trodden tourist routes.

Montserrat is a great destination for thrill seekers who can admire the wonderful island whilst standing at the summit of the island's active volcano.

Those seeking some tranquillity should head to the Galapagos islands - a peaceful escape with warm seas for island hopping and the chance to see some rare, exotic wildlife.

History lovers should head to Easter Island, where the stunning landscape is covered in almost 1000 monumental ancient statues.

And those who love to explore should travel to the Canadian High Arctic to marvel at the massive ice glaciers and fjords or to the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar - to hike through the labyrinth of spiky rock formations.

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises, said: "We all know about the seven wonders of the world, which attract millions of visitors each year. But some of us want to bring out our inner adventurer, to travel somewhere completely off the beaten path in far-flung corners of the earth to create once-in-a-lifetime memories and experiences.

"There are many hidden gem destinations across the globe which are significantly less popular than the tourist hotspots but still extraordinarily magnificent and perfect for those seeking life experiences like no other.

"Rather than going abroad and going to the exact locations as everyone else you know, taking the same pictures with the same monuments, you can experience once-in-a-lifetime destinations and explore these off-the-grid locations entirely off the beaten track.

"You can make your friends and family jealous when you return from your travels armed with unique photos of the most majestic sites and landscapes worldwide.

"Islands such as the Galapagos are great for nature lovers with rare and exotic animals, plants, and crystal blue seas. Easter Island has an ancient history and almost 1000 'moai' statues across the stunning landscape.

"The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar and Bohol island in the Philippines both have magnificent natural phenomena settled in the landscape - from a labyrinth of spiky limestone rocks to the perfectly conical shaped 'Chocolate Hills'.

"There are loads of amazing and magnificent destinations across the globe for those wanting to explore somewhere more off the radar.”

Panache Cruises'" 7 Hidden Wonders of the World:

1. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a series of volcanic groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean. A massive 95% of the land is part of the protected National Park, and the islands host a wide variety of wildlife, animals and plants which only grow and live there. As the island chain is close to the equator, it is warm all year round, making island hopping a great activity. With stunning blue waters, the Galapagos Islands are a unique exploring experience for nature lovers looking for tranquillity.