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Government of Canada Invests $35 Million to Expand Settlement Services for Newcomers

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Newcomers to Canada play a crucial role in the future of our country and contribute in significant ways to our society and economic recovery from the pandemic. To ensure newcomers settling in small towns and rural communities have access to essential services during their first year in Canada, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced an investment of more than $35 million to expand resettlement capacity and settlement services across Canada.

Government of Canada Invests $35 Million to Expand Settlement Services for Newcomers

These services have never been more critical for newcomers, as the ongoing pandemic has added to the already challenging process of building a new life in a new country. Following the Resettlement Assistance Program and Case Management Services call for proposals, 23 projects were selected to provide more extraordinary services to help refugees and vulnerable newcomers settle and adapt to life in Canada.

This investment includes $21 million to add nine new Resettlement Assistance Program service providers in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. These organizations will help reduce pressure on the 32 existing Resettlement Assistance Program service providers across Canada and provide refugees with an opportunity to settle in small- and medium-sized towns and rural communities where affordable housing is more readily available. Settlement services help refugees, and vulnerable newcomers learn the language, gain employment and contribute to their communities, so they can reach their full potential quicker as Canada moves towards economic recovery.

In addition, $14 million will be invested in case of management services for 14 existing service providers so that they can assist more vulnerable newcomers with support and referrals to settle into their new communities successfully. This includes a pilot project to bolster Francophone case management in the Prairies.

Canada's success as an international leader in settlement and integration is a result of the extraordinary efforts of our service provider organizations across Canada. They work tirelessly to deliver support services to newcomers in communities, which are critical during the global COVID-19 pandemic and welcome more newcomers than ever before. Newcomers often face many changes as they adjust to life in Canada: finding a home, starting a new job and learning a new language. With these new investments, newcomers like the Afghan refugees arriving in Canada will be even more supported as they adjust to life in their new homes.

Quick Facts
  • The Resettlement Assistance Program operates in all provinces outside Quebec that supports government-assisted refugees and other eligible clients upon arrival in Canada. The program provides newcomers with direct financial support and funds service provider organizations to deliver immediate and essential services.

  • Financial support includes a one-time start-up allowance and monthly income support typically provided for up to 1 year or until clients can support themselves, whichever comes first. Resettlement Assistance Program service provider organizations deliver immediate and essential services to clients generally within 4 to 6 weeks of arrival in Canada.

  • These new investments will expand the Resettlement Assistance Program service provider organization footprint to 41 communities across Canada, which will enhance the support our refugees need for their successful resettlement journey.