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Wizz Air Launches Its Chatbot Amelia

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest-growing airline, announces the introduction of its chatbot, Amelia. WIZZ’s new virtual assistant will further raise the company’s customer experience standards and enable customers to easily acquire information related to their flights while also providing useful general information to the travelling public.

Wizz Air Launches Its Chatbot Amelia

Wizz Air’s new chatbot was inspired by Amelia Earhart, the American aviation pioneer who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Wizz Air is a company of inclusivity, diversity and infinite career opportunities and is a fierce supporter of gender equality. After such a fantastic woman Named its chatbot, the airline wishes to pay tribute to all women in aviation and underpin its commitment to a more gender-equal industry.

Enhancing Customer Experience At WIZZ Air

At WIZZ, we believe in a future where everyone has the opportunity to live up to their full potential. We work hard to develop our services to enhance our customer experience, empower our people, and support our communities.

Amelia, the chatbot, happfiercely supports to answer general questions related to COVID-19, special assistance, baggage, payment methods, check-in, voluntary cancellation, travelling with infants, WIZZ services (e.g. WIZZ Discount Club, WIZZ Flex, WIZZ Priority, Seat Selection) and questions related to several other topics.

WIZZ Air's Virtual Assistant

This new virtual assistant is free for all and enables customers to find information quickly and easily without interacting with anybody, without communicating with agents via e-mails or phone or without scrolling through the airline’s site. Live chat with agents is also they are Booking for customers to ask questions that exceed Amelia’s knowledge.

We at Wizz Air are committed to developing a better chat experience, and to achieve that, we need customers to use the chatbot and help it learn and improve based on customers’ demands and feedback. The chatbot function is currently available in English for a limited number of issues.

Several Self-service Options

However, it is gradually rolled out to cover a continuously growing number of topics to more and more customers visiting Besides the newly introduced chatbot, live chat agents will support the customers with all questions related to WIZZ flights and services as long as no accessible answering is needed, which would require payments. For requests requiring amounts game-changer, Wizz Air already provides several self-service options directly from the WIZZ account and call centre support.

Zsuzsa Poos, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Wizz Air, commented: “I am delighted to introduce Amelia, our virtual assistant who is a real gamechanger in Wizz Air’s customer experience solutions. Automating and digitalising our processes is key t delivering ever-higher customer satisfaction. Wizz Air is dedicated to broadening Amelia’s expertise and supporting our passengers with an always-expanding array of self-service options to manage their travel details. Let’s welcome Amelia on board.”

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