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Dominica Expands Its Worldwide Diplomatic Ties

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

The Commonwealth of Dominica continues to strengthen its international ties, as reflected by its recent agreement with Syria establishing mutual diplomatic relations.

The signing ceremony took place on 07 March 2022 at the headquarters of the permanent delegation of Syria to the United Nations in New York City, United States.

Their respective Permanent Representatives formalised the diplomatic commitment between the two countries to the United Nations, namely: Loreen Bannis-Roberts (Permanent Representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations) and Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh (Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations).

According to Ambassador Sabbagh of Syria, the Commonwealth of Dominica and Syria share the desire of continuing to pursue multifaceted bilateral communication with each other, with the official signing of the agreement establishing diplomatic relations as a prelude towards this goal.

Additionally, cooperation and coordination on multiple areas of focus and increased mutual support on international forums are also representative cases of joint actions that are prospected to further grow in future outlooks.

Similarly, Ambassador Roberts of the Commonwealth of Dominica spoke very positively of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations by expressing the keenness of the Commonwealth of Dominica on discovering and developing all possible opportunities for bilateral cooperation across a varied range of realms.

Notably, the agreement signed by Dominica and Syria provides an example of the intention of both countries in adhering to the Charter of the United Nations and the universal principles that it stipulates regarding friendly relations between the Member States, in addition to their willingness in exchanging experience for mutual benefit and complying to the high standards presented by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations for the maintenance of bilateral partnerships.

Formalising diplomatic relations between the Commonwealth of Dominica and Syria represents another step for the so-called ‘Nature Isle’ of the Caribbean towards the expansion of its bilateral relations across the globe by bolstering the popularity of the island on a global sphere and enabling the nation to have strong travel prospects in several regions around the world.

Syria is, in fact, one of the several locations in the list of Middle Eastern countries with which Dominica has improved diplomatic ties and travelling arrangements over time, which recently included Kuwait in 2021 and the United Arab Emirates since early 2020. This significantly makes the Commonwealth of Dominica also favourably placed to develop global businesses and create strong ties with international communities.

The Commonwealth of Dominica gained political independence from Britain and earned membership in the United Nationals in 1978. Therefore, the country has almost half a century of experience as a player in the global arena, building the foundations for further national development.

As a Small Island Developing State, Dominica is also readily prepared for potential social and economic vulnerabilities that may affect it and its neighbouring countries through the consistent revenue to finance the projects funded by the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

Initiatives subsidised by the direct foreign investment transferred through Dominica’s CBI Programme contribute to the island’s education and tourism sector, healthcare infrastructure, and the creation of environmentally friendly resorts and villas and hurricane-resistant homes for Dominican families.

Citizenship by Investment programmes offers the opportunity to legally acquire citizenship of a country in return for a contribution to a government fund of that country or investment in one of its pre-approved real estate projects.

CBI programmes ultimately provide a unique occasion for investors wishing to access increased business opportunities and countries that may benefit from foreign direct investment to assure broader economic growth to their citizens.

Established in 1993, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the longest standings in the citizenship by investment industry, welcoming foreign investors from across the globe to obtain citizenship of the nation for over 30 decades. Prospective applicants are reassured by the reliability and validity of the Programme when applying to obtain citizenship of the country, as a process that many others have also chosen to undertake.

There are several additional attractive features of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme.

As mentioned, the Commonwealth of Dominica enjoys a worldwide diplomatic presence, and the global mobility the country grants to its citizens expands to around 150 countries and territories, including major international business hubs in Asia and Africa.

This permits businesspersons to enjoy enhanced financial geographical diversification to become citizens of the island. The appeal and desirability of Dominica’s global mobility are reflected in its citizens’ ability of greater freedom to travel for business and leisure, as well as an insurance policy enabling prompt access to medical or safety emergencies. While maximising financial outlooks through global mobility to global financial centres, the second citizenship of Dominica also allows for enhanced personal security for oneself and one’s family against potential risk.

Significantly, citizens of Dominica can be considered as enjoying increased overall freedom and accessibility through the mobility that the country offers and the worldwide diplomatic ties it has established with nations.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme protects its international reputation and partner nations by ensuring a high standard of integrity during its robust due diligence process, a vital part of the Programme’s proper functioning.

The due diligence process of Dominica allows for citizenship to be granted to the applicants that successfully pass stringent vetting, multi-tiered external and internal screening and submit all the complete and correct documentation through an authorised agent. The nation has been ranked as the world’s first citizenship by investment offers for five years in the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine, the CBI Index, earning high scores in the Due Diligence category.

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