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HONOR Magic Vs is the Next-Generation Foldable Smartphone

As HONOR's latest flagship smartphone and its first foldable to be launched in international markets, the HONOR Magic Vs epitomises state-of-the-art foldable technology with a strong focus on hinge design and engineering, solving multiple pain points associated with foldable smartphones.

HONOR Magic Vs is the Next-Generation Foldable Smartphone

Twenty years ago, Hinge technology was seen in feature flip phones with the original clamshell design. With the emergence of smartphones, Hinge technology had long disappeared until a few years ago when foldable smartphones returned to global markets.

Among other parts of a foldable device, the Hinge plays the most crucial role as it determines how well the screen folds, the gap between the screens when the device is folded, the durability of the device, and the user experiences it offers.

Reiterating the technology behind the HONOR Magic Vs, tech expert Zack from JerryRigEverything today did a teardown video. He highlighted the big battery, no-gap design and Hinge, which makes the new HONOR Magic Vs stronger than the competitor.

Committed to delivering consumer-driven product innovation, HONOR has invested heavily in R&D, transforming the waterdrop hinge technology, a standard technology used by foldable smartphones in the market, to set new benchmarks for the foldable smartphone market with its Super-Light Gearless Hinge with single-piece casting processing technology that debuts in the HONOR Magic Vs.

1. Revolutionizing Foldable Hinge Technology

HONOR has revolutionised foldable hinge technology with enhanced and improved form factors through its devotion to research and development. Traditionally, gears are used to enable the rotation of the screen, but they make the device heavier and thicker.

Crafted with the industry's first single-piece casting processing technology, the super-light gearless Hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs drastically reduces the number of components of supporting structure used in the Hinge from 92 to 4[1], delivering a lightweight hinge while ensuring adequate rotation.

The Hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs folds gracefully to boast a gap-free design, solving another pain point that other competing foldable smartphones on the market have not yet solved. Showing no openings when the device is folded, the gap-free design gives the device a premium look but also makes the device thinner.

HONOR has taken full advantage of the extra space afforded by the smaller Hinge and fitted the HONOR Magic Vs with batteries totalling at 5,000mAh[2], the highest capacity ever seen on a foldable smartphone

2. Light Weight

Developing a lightweight and slim hinge is one of the biggest challenges faced by foldable smartphone manufacturers. At the same time, it is also a critical area that manufacturers focus on.

Another pain point associated with foldable phones is the Weight it carries. With continuous dedication towards innovating the Hinge and a vision to provide the best user experience, the HONOR R&D team leaned on upgraded and state-of-the-art engineering to ensure the Hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs is lightweight.

One of the reasons that the HONOR Magic Vs is so light is the expertly engineered Hinge, which is made of a unique aerospace-grade polymeric material 62%[3] lighter than commonly used metals. Is ultra-light material widely used for submarine pipelines and spacecraft, is a testament to HONOR's commitment to quality.

Reducing the device's Weight furt