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Japan Pledges Almost $8 Million Towards Education of Most Vulnerable Children in Yemen & Syria

Today, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) welcomed a financial pledge of US$8.5 million from Japan.

Japan Pledges Almost $8 Million Towards Education of Most Vulnerable Children in Yemen & Syria

The funds will help with the continued learning of the most vulnerable children whose lives have been deeply affected by ongoing conflict, violence and food insecurity.

$6.2 million will go to Yemen and $1.6 million to Syria.

This funding will help the most vulnerable children, especially those affected by conflict,” said Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer of GPE. “We look forward to Japan’s continued engagement in global education and helping ensure all children can learn.

The pledge comes on the fourth International Day of Education, which is a critical moment for the international community to celebrate the role of education for peace and development and ensure that all children are getting the quality education they deserve.

Japan attaches great importance to education support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, such as children in conflict-affected countries, and sincerely hopes to contribute to maintaining the access to education for these children through its contribution to GPE, which includes education support for Yemen and Syria,” said Ambassador Tamaki Tsukada, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in the USA.

The remaining $0.7 million will be used by the GPE to help other countries develop and implement education sector plans.

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