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Davensi Launches Its Smart Investments App at CES 2023

Updated: Jan 10

Davensi, the next-generation financial services company that combines Web3 decentralized finance and market intelligence, is set to launch its highly-anticipated smart investments app at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023.

Davensi Launches Its Smart Investments App at CES 2023

The “DV Invest” app, as part of the “DV Suite”, is designed to enhance the investors’ journey in the Web3 space, bringing together the safety and regulation of traditional finance and the potential high growth and diversification of decentralized finance.

DV Invest offers a broad range of new investment opportunities over crypto-currencies, tokens, security tokens, tokenized assets and NFTs, curated according to Environment Sustainability Governance (ESG) criteria. Investment strategies are powered by smart AI/ML-based portfolio management automation tools designed by high-performance quantitative traders and data scientists.

In addition, Davensi, in collaboration with ESG-recognized experts and organizations, is developing the Davensi Sustainability Impact Index (DSI) that measures the users’ net environmental impact of their investments managed on the Davensi Platform.

DV Invest is scheduled to be live in Q2/2023 with tiered subscriptions. An early-bird pre-sales campaign will be launched in January 2023.

What Does This Mean for the Davensi End-user?

Today when people want to invest in digital assets, they generally choose simplicity over custody-related risks by going through centralized crypto exchanges. Alternatively, Web3 is decentralized and non-custodial but is fragmented (multiple blockchains, wallets, services, etc.), can be unsafe (scams, pump-and-dumps, intelligent contracts, hacks, etc.) and is hard to regulate.

With Davensi, customers are given safe access in a single place to a broad range of curated digital assets and intelligent tools such as node staking, DeFi strategies and, most of all, portfolio management, including intelligent, automated rebalancing. Individuals and corporations can use “DV Invest” to explore innovative and sensible financial products while meeting conventional financial regulatory standards.

“Collectively, we have been destroying the world for the sake of progress, and at Davensi, we believe it’s time to make the transition to Web3 for a more socially responsible world,” said Davensi CEO Sopheap Lao. “We believe that through Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi), we can power a more sustainable economy that is globally inclusive because it is available to everyone and locally because it is adaptable to ethical, cultural, and even religious principles.”

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