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Revolutionizing Dubai's Fitness Scene: Inside Royal Boxing and Fitness Club at Seven Palm Hotel

Updated: Mar 20


Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, a groundbreaking and innovative fitness concept based on the unique long-term experience of award-winning international specialists, is set to revolutionise Dubai's fitness landscape by opening its first premium sports format space in the Seven Palm Hotel at Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

Revolutionizing Dubai's Fitness Scene: Inside Royal Boxing and Fitness Club at Seven Palm Hotel

Scheduled to launch in April 2024, Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm, is poised to redefine the fitness experience, offering a seamless blend of high-quality sports services, education, and exceptional training.

Going beyond the traditional gym model, the fitness club aims to be a destination where fitness enthusiasts can engage in top-notch training and where all members of both genders train together, fostering a sense of unity and collective commitment to training. Although there is separation in the locker rooms, the overall atmosphere promotes Wholeness and shared dedication.


Vladimir Zhadan, Founder and CEO of Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm, who created the concept in UAE, envisions the club as more than just a fitness centre. He states, "Our vision is to create a space where individuals can achieve their fitness goals while enjoying the process. We want to make martial arts accessible to everyone—more than just a club, we are a community, a team, and a lifestyle."


At Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm, you can unwind in spa amenities, foster a vibrant community, and relish healthy bites at the cafe. The cafe prides itself on offering a meticulously curated selection of wholesome menus crafted using only the finest and most nutritious ingredients.

The spa offers a comprehensive range of massage services, such as sports massage, designed to soothe and recover muscles used during strenuous physical activities; traditional Thai massage, known for its holistic approach in balancing the body's energy; relaxing massage, aimed to alleviate stress and promote relaxation; anti-cellulite massage, targeting to break down fat cells and improve skin texture; and regenerative massage that aids in rejuvenating the body and enhancing overall wellbeing. These therapeutic services are available for scheduling after the training sessions, providing a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.


The unique design style developed in collaboration with Dubai Design Group sets Royal Boxing and Fitness Club The Palm apart. The club's aesthetics, characterised by white and gold shades, occupies one floor and includes a 150 sqm training area, a 170 sqm spa, and a café.


Equipped with custom-designed gear, including specialised boxing bags, a 4.5 by 4.5-meter ring, and interactive stands for precision training, Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm offers a cutting-edge fitness experience.

The club boasts technologically advanced speed run tracks, including a Technogym skill run treadmill - the first-ever treadmill for adequate power and cardio conditioning with onboard video-guided routines and specific workouts for athletic training, including sledge and parachute training.


The training programs are carefully designed for athletes of all levels, providing members with an authentic and transformative fitness experience. An innovative fitness experience combining boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, strength training and cardio intervals is available. Members who participate in 45-minute classes that use the latest intelligent screen technology, which projects results to the entire class, will observe progress step by step.


The club also offers a unique VR boxing program for a high-intensity interval training workout. The program helps boxers build their endurance and stamina while allowing their bodies to break from the impact of repeatedly hitting a heavy bag or coaching mitts. VR boxing program takes boxers through training exercises for jabs, uppercuts, and right and left crosses.

Serious fitness-seekers will add those and more to the 12-week VR program, which takes them through multiple workouts each week and gets progressively more challenging. They can track the progress through the program: the VR experience, with the Vive controllers in your hands, tracks your speed and punch intensity, plus the number of calories you burn.


Pulse-tracking technology is used during classes, helping track each training session's effectiveness. Further adjustments to the program help clients achieve maximum results in training. The Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm, uses heart rate monitors to track progress and help the client control the safe zones of training.


The club provides video recording services for the bouts in the ring, utilising a range of 4 to 8 cameras. This service allows trainees to capture their matches to enhance their experience.

Moreover, this service can be utilised by companies to foster team spirit through recorded matches between their teams; it can also be fun for kids who can showcase their skills in the ring with a trainer guiding them with light boxing moves. Participants will receive an edited professional recorded video as a cherished memento.


Regeneration is a critical factor in achieving training goals in both amateur and professional sports. The MECOTEC cryo: one helps athletes recover from a training session, a competition or a sports injury.

Athletes use it to reduce pain in muscles and joints while simultaneously relaxing and regenerating specific areas with anti-ageing effects. Anyone who depends on performance should also use cryotherapy.


Royal Boxing and Fitness Clubs have every chance to gain worldwide fame by becoming a widespread network of premium clubs. The decision to open the club in Dubai reflects a strategic choice to address the critical market need for high-quality sports services, particularly in martial arts and fitness.


Vladimir explains, "Dubai was chosen because the market needs high-quality service in sports, especially in martial arts. This also applies to the space itself and sports education. Initially, the club's idea was to understand where we could go to work out. We found a shortage of places where it would be comfortable and pleasant to do sports. Dubai was also chosen because martial arts are popular in the Middle East, and we decided that this service would be relevant in this location."


Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, The Palm offers an adaptive approach, giving clients different personal or group training options for various goals and levels. Personal training is provided to clients preparing for championships and amateur boxing.

The club offers specialised boxing training programs for kids, men, women, and beginners. The boxing trainers, fitness instructors, and coaches are experienced and highly qualified professionals recruited from various global locations specifically to train at Royal Boxing and Fitness Club, the Palm.


In conclusion, Vladimir emphasizes, "Royal Boxing and Fitness Club is not just a premium martial arts club; it is a place that allows people to build beautiful bodies and make themselves healthier and happier. Our commitment is providing a space where individuals can thrive, grow, and become their best version. We will develop the spaces and their premium quality through various innovations for customers' comfort."


Members who purchase season tickets will receive complimentary access to cryotherapy. The club will also gift them a comprehensive package, including a T-shirt, boxing gloves, a bottle cap, towels, and bandages.

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