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Dulsco Group and Clients Root for Climate Change Action in Mangrove Tree Plantation Drive

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dulsco Group has reinforced its commitment to spearheading and supporting environmental initiatives by bringing together 100 team members from its portfolio of businesses comprising Dulsco Environment, Dulsco People, Parisima and Advance Global Recruitment, and corporate clients like BRF, ENOC Link, and Fischer to plant 300 mangrove trees to help in the fight against climate change.

Dulsco Group and Clients Root for Climate Change Action in Mangrove Tree Plantation Drive

Part of Dulsco Group's sustainability agenda in the run-up to COP28, the event was held to support the UAE National Carbon Sequestration Project, which Dulsco proudly signed up for in 2023. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment project aims to plant 100 million new mangrove trees nationwide by 2030.

Each participant in the Dulsco drive planted three trees at Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, run by the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG). And, thanks to new technology and virtual reality, the trees' progress and contribution to carbon savings can be monitored through the EcoMatcher app, which promotes transparency and traceability in tree planting.

Mangrove trees play a crucial role in conservation by stabilising and protecting coastlines, preventing erosion, supporting wildlife within the ecosystem and serving as a habitat for thousands of species.

They also reduce harmful greenhouse gases by isolating up to 13.6 kg of carbon each year. This means that the 300 trees planted on 16 November – and the 120 planted by Dulsco last year – will collectively capture 5,712 kg of carbon dioxide annually.

The UAE is currently home to 60 million mangrove trees that span 183 sq km and capture 43,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. An additional 100 million trees will mean 115,000 tons of CO2 will be sequestered yearly.

John Grainger, Chief Operating Officer at Dulsco Environment, said: “As a leading force in environmental solutions, Dulsco is proud to support initiatives that preserve and enhance our planet. Following our first mangrove tree planting initiative with our employees last year, we made this year’s event bigger and better by bringing together our valued team members and clients across our businesses as one, reinforcing our joint commitment to creating a better future for our people and the world we live in.

“The EMEG does a wonderful job in protecting marine life at Jebel Ali, and we are delighted to play our part in enhancing the sanctuary’s natural ecosystem and biodiversity.”

Dulsco's tree planting initiative also included a beach clean-up drive that collected 1,246 kilos of waste, in line with the company's continued commitment to protecting the environment and encouraging more green thinking among team members, key stakeholders and the public.

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